Friday, 23 September 2011

Completely Content

Earlier this week I gave a talk about my beloved Antiquarian Books and life as a bookseller for some ladies who meet for lunch near Christchurch. Afterwards, I was planning to go shopping in town and head for home. It had been a happy morning. My talk was appreciated and the ladies had been so interesting and friendly over lunch but I felt a little jaded and on a whim, instead of shopping, I turned the car and went instead to nearby Avon beach.
It may not be the most beautiful of English beaches but I have a great affection for it, as it is the place where  the urchins and I have spent many happy hours. I grew up in Buckinhamshire, miles from the sea and when I arrived in Salisbury and found there was a beach only an hour away I was so excited! I have had many wild winter walks and happy, sandy summer picnics there.
This afternoon the beach itself was deserted and the weather blustery and sunny.

I'm happy to watch waves for hours and so I strolled up and down, listening and looking.
It was so mild the wind felt silken agains my arms, contrasted to the sting of sand blown against my legs.
I love details in nature, rather than panoramic views, and there is always so much of beauty to see on a beach. I like to wander slowly looking and waiting for my mind to calm and my senses to take over. I find it takes a while to look and listen properly.

Sea Foam

Great piles of seaweed had been blown up by the recent rough weather but it was fresh enough just to smell of the sea. Oh, how I love that wild, salty smell!
As I walked, taking everything in around me I realised, for that moment, I was perfectly content with who I am and where I was.

Am I not lucky?

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Favourite Days

Perhaps it's a little childish or pagan maybe but I have two favourite days in the year.
September 1st and December 21st.
I love December 21st as it is the solstice and from that moment, the year has turned and the winter days are getting longer.
September 1st is a special day for me. To me this is the first day of Autumn and I love Autumn so. August so often disappoints (unless you are in the hot, herb-scented Mediterranean) and now I can relax into the enjoyment of this most beautiful of seasons.
So although I'm a little late, here is a poem and a picture -

There is a quiet comfort in an Autumn day
that rests so kindly with my tired soul.
The fields and hills made gentle by the mist
take from me any thoughts but of the here and now.
The past is slowly gathered by the turning year
I feel my spirits rising with each yellow leaf.
It lacks the strong and questing beauty of an April day
yet owns a subtle harmony and grace.
When to the next life I am called to go
I hope it greats me with an Autumn face.

  ps. I'm at the Vintage and Handmade Fair at Alderholt tomorrow, I'm looking forward to it !