Sunday, 27 March 2016

Easter Bonnets- the joy of finding that perfect hat

David and I were spending a leisurely day exploring the market town of Devizes. He has a nose for the interesting, so I wasn't surprised when he beckoned and said: " Let's have a look down this little alleyway"
I followed him and gasped in delight! It was as if we had stepped back in time...

Hidden in amongst the more modern houses is St Johns Alley and this perfect Elizabethan building is home to this most amazing hat shop.
Inside is a treasure trove of colour and texture and hats, hats, hats!. I have never seen so many beautiful hats in one place.
The proprietor, Joan Pressley, told us that the shop was established in 1987 and from the number of elegant ladies we saw shopping there, it is still thriving.
 She very kindly let me look around and even allowed me a glimpse into the back room where all the hat trimming and altering was done.


The shop sells and hires designer hats for all occasions and also offers a bespoke trimming service where you can have your favourite hat remade to match your outfit for that special celebration.
The whole shop was a lit up with jewelled colours. there were traditional styles, elegant little creations and some which looked quite bonkers to me!

I'm so glad we found Joan Pressley's unique shop. Now I can wait and hope that I will have a chance to officiate as a Celebrant at an extremely fabulous wedding where it will be imperative that I have to treat myself to a beautiful hat to suit!

Here is the link to the shop. If you are ever in Devizes... be tempted!

Wishing everybody a
Happy Easter


Monday, 21 March 2016

I'm celebrating : Easter Week, Spring Equinox...and the end of Winter!

In the South West of England Spring comes early. We may have cold days, rainy days and blustery days ahead but looking around me I can see that the unstoppable forward force of Spring is in motion.
The first butterflies and Ladybirds have ventured out and the birds are daily revving up towards their full-blown Spring morning chorus.


In the past country people would use Pussy Willows in place of palms on Palm Sunday, so I have decorated a wreath to go on my door. The full blown, fuzzy, pollen tufted blossoms are yet to arrive but it still looks pretty, with a mixture of different trees' catkins adding some extra colour.

Have a happy week everybody!

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Creating Romantic Weddings- what a wonderful job I have !

As some of you will know, I have just started a career as an Independent Celebrant. I can now write and perform all sorts of ceremonies but today I'm thinking of spring and summer weddings. After all, it's the 1st of March and spring will soon be bursting upon us in all its glory.

I've just written a post in my celebrant website and thought I would share it with you. I have come up with a wonderful idea of how I can create spontaneous and wildly romantic wedding ceremonies for couples who want to break away from the expense and fuss of the 'wedding culture' that has taken over these ceremonies today. 
I'm always happy to travel, so if you are feeling romantically inspired, or know a couple that are... give me a call!


The is no doubt about it, Spring is on its way!
Does your romantic heart long for a wedding with just the two of you, having a picnic on a sunny day and celebrating your love simply and spontaneously?

It may seem an impossible dream...
There are so many obstacles in your way, not in the least the English weather.
But it can be done!
I mastermind the ultimate in spontaneous 'Pop Up' weddings.
Phone me or email me and I will tell you all about this wonderfully romantic option.

Jane Arnold   
Mobile  07706 617 838