Friday, 20 December 2013

When one Dream is deferred, another one blossoms

My hopes and plans for my great adventure have (for the moment) come to nothing. It was always a bit of a dream and everyday life and its responsibilities have proved stronger than a wisp of an idea. I have cried a lot but now I'm determined to make the most of the year ahead and still hope to have some wonderful, happy adventures.

It is the winter solstice tomorrow- my favourite of days. For now the year is turning and everyday will be reaching towards new light. Gently it will creep up upon us until one evening I will look at the clock and exclaim- " Goodness, it's still light!". Very soon I shall awake to a glimmer of dawn and first birdsong, not the blank black pall of a winter night. Tomorrow we shall light the fire and celebrate, as so many have done before.

For the moment, apart from the joy and excitement of Christmas, I have a little project which is making me very happy. I will not say any more about it now except give a little hint with these pictures...

In case I don't have the chance to write again-
Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!