Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Summer overflows

Writing a blog is a strange experience, I thought my next post would be about my wonderful time in Paris but instead I find myself irresistibly  tempted to share photographs of my roses with you!

My holiday was so filled with beautiful images and moments of enjoyment and fun that I need a little time to 'let things settle', otherwise you will be treated to an indigestible muddle of my enthusiastic anecdotes and a manic collection of deeply dull holiday snaps!
In just the few days I've been away, my roses have blossomed and my favourite seat is half hidden by a tide of flowers

 I have just spent the happiest of hours picking great bunches of roses, geranium and honeysuckle

I now have posies in my bedroom

and a beautiful jugful, glowing in the sunshine on my dining room table

Home-coming is sweet

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Paris here I come!

Some days start with gentle pleasures-

Mali-cat's morning greeting

other days are just so exciting!

Summer has come and as I look out of my study window, the roses and honeysuckle are in bloom-

And this means... It's June, Emily has just finished her finals and my treat for her (and me) is to take her to Paris!
We leave this morning by Eurotar and are staying in a tiny studio flat until Monday evening.
Flea markets, Versailles, Sainte Chapelle and Champagne are all on our list.
I'm so happy and excited! Aren't I lucky to have this chance of a wonderful weekend and to have a wonderful daughter who wishes to share it with me?

ps. Apologies for not posting recently, replying to all my messages, or looking a all your wonderful blogs. Life has been exceptionally hectic. I've just been at The Vintage Nostalgia show ( hence rather show-offy photo of me in the top hat!) and family matters have been taking up all my mind and time.