Saturday, 26 November 2011

Beautiful November

Yesterday was a bright sunny day and I was lucky enough to be out and about and able to enjoy it. Today is softer and more misty but to my eyes, still beautiful. I know November can be raw, damp and dank and it is easy to be depressed by the dark mornings and the winter evenings drawing in but I've never disliked this month. When the last of the leaves go, I'm happy to see the well remembered shape of each tree re-appear-

The first verse of Roy Campbell's poem Autumn sums it up perfectly-

I love to see, when leaves depart,
the clear anatomy arrive,
Winter, the paragon of art,
that kills all form of life and feeling
save what is pure and will survive.

I'm always surprised how much colour there is in the landscape, whether it is the last remaining berries-

or the patterns in a field-

And there are some places, like this beech hedge, where the autumn colours linger into winter-

So even on a rapidly darkening November day, there is something to enjoy

Autumn Evening
The day sinks gently into quiet repose
with silvered lavender and fading rose.
 Bright berries are muted by the misty air,
stripped by the first frosts the creepers hang bare.
There's no sun, no clouds, all is silent grey
And yet on this tranquil Autumn day
I have no wish for the summer to stay
Despite falling leaves and withered grasses
It is in peace not sadness that the old year passes.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Artisans Fair

I have to admit that this day passed in rather a blur. If it wasn't for the nobleness of Emmie, Sam (who did a magnificent job loading of the car) and my lovely man, I would never have got ready. I just couldn't seem to focus. I'm usually totally organised when choosing, sorting and packing but everything ended up a bit of a mish-mash.
I did have some pretty things on my stall-

But it seemed a muddle, with no particular theme. Because I have such a variety of things- books, vintage and kitchenalia, I usually do have a theme in mind, either colours - green and yellow is a favourite, or florals, which are perfect for a summer fair. Perhaps I didn't feel Chrismassy enough to give my things the right seasonal touch!

It was a lovely little fair though. We had delicious homemade cakes and soup to keep us well fed and happy and there were such friendly stall holders-

I was especially pleased that Sophie from 'Fading Grace' was there. It's particularly nice to get to know somebody that you have only known via 'blogland'! She had such a lovely stall-

I treated myself to a Susie Cooper cup and saucer and Emily bought a wonderful black and white spotty dress. This was worn with great style and pride on her return to Uni on Monday morning! Thank you Sophie, you made Em's day.
As you can see there was quite a variety of  stalls with differing things for sale -

 I was particularly fond of two contrasting books on my stall

Dashing Rob Roy always makes me laugh!

Apart from buying dresses and a lovely little umbrella, Emily found time to refurbish a pair of pumps...

I'll finish this piece by sending my love to her, Sam and David, who have given me such loving support over the last few weeks

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Artisan Christmas Fair at Middle Woodford this Sunday 20th November

                                  The Artisan Christmas Fair is on this Sunday 11.00am to 4.00pm

The Woodford Village Hall
Middle Woodford

Our Christmas Fair has an eclectic mix of fine vintage and original handmade treasures. Choose Christmas gifts from stalls selling beeswax candles, hand turned wooden bowls, jewellery, antiquarian books, treats for the cook, vintage collectables, paintings, linens, lace and creative knits. Tea, coffee and delicious homemade cakes served. Middle Woodford is 4 miles north of Salisbury on the river Avon. It is signed from the A360. Free entry and plentiful free parking!

My apologies for scant detail and abrupt writing. I've just come back and wanted to at least let everybody know what is happening this coming weekend!
I think it will be a great little fair and I hope to write about it properly when I have caught up with myself, as soon as I'm able.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Refusal to Mourn

My Father L.K. Way (right)  and my Grandfather J.E.D Hall both Political Journalists-
Conservative Conference, sometime in the 1950's at Brighton
My father lived for 95 years. (28th September 1916- 8th November 2011)
His life spanned nearly a century- it's hard to imagine what changes he has seen. He was at Dunkirk and was rescued by a ship from the beaches. He never spoke of the war but regretted missing so much of his two elder sons' early lives and his wife's last years (she died  of cancer not long after he returned from duty). All his life he was involved with words and politics. He had been awarded a C.B.E , had poems published and was a political journalist respected by all political parties.
He always spoke of the joy and delight he felt when he met my beautiful mother, who was then an ice dancer with ' Holiday on Ice' and how lucky he felt to be given another chance at happiness when he had a second family- myself and my brother- together with her.
I will not now speak of all the things I could tell you of him: his goodness, integrity and intelligence and I will only say that to me he was the perfect English gentleman.
I refuse to mourn his passing.
For the last few years all the things that he enjoyed and all the things that made him himself have been slowly stripped from him. He coped with courage, wry humour and dignity but I could feel only fury.
That has passed now and I feel sadness but no more rage.
I am lucky to have my faith and believe that when it is my time to make that final leap over to the other side, his hands will be there to catch me.