Thursday, 24 November 2011

Artisans Fair

I have to admit that this day passed in rather a blur. If it wasn't for the nobleness of Emmie, Sam (who did a magnificent job loading of the car) and my lovely man, I would never have got ready. I just couldn't seem to focus. I'm usually totally organised when choosing, sorting and packing but everything ended up a bit of a mish-mash.
I did have some pretty things on my stall-

But it seemed a muddle, with no particular theme. Because I have such a variety of things- books, vintage and kitchenalia, I usually do have a theme in mind, either colours - green and yellow is a favourite, or florals, which are perfect for a summer fair. Perhaps I didn't feel Chrismassy enough to give my things the right seasonal touch!

It was a lovely little fair though. We had delicious homemade cakes and soup to keep us well fed and happy and there were such friendly stall holders-

I was especially pleased that Sophie from 'Fading Grace' was there. It's particularly nice to get to know somebody that you have only known via 'blogland'! She had such a lovely stall-

I treated myself to a Susie Cooper cup and saucer and Emily bought a wonderful black and white spotty dress. This was worn with great style and pride on her return to Uni on Monday morning! Thank you Sophie, you made Em's day.
As you can see there was quite a variety of  stalls with differing things for sale -

 I was particularly fond of two contrasting books on my stall

Dashing Rob Roy always makes me laugh!

Apart from buying dresses and a lovely little umbrella, Emily found time to refurbish a pair of pumps...

I'll finish this piece by sending my love to her, Sam and David, who have given me such loving support over the last few weeks


  1. i like your blog!l want to follow you! join my blog)i"ll be very happy)

  2. Hi Jane looks like a lovely venue, and you got fed as well! Great that you had such willing helpers too.

    Sorry I haven't been in a while. I am frantically trying to catch up with my reading. It seems that I have missed some memorable milestones. Firstly, I am so sorry about your father, having lost both my own parents I know it is not an easy thing to have to deal with.
    Secondly, I believe we are now the same age! Belated happy returns!Have a wonderful weekend, love Linda x

  3. Hi Lena, I loved the photographs on your blog, I'm now a follower! jane x

  4. Hi Linda, How lovely to hear from you. I'm so glad you came and read and caught up! Thanks for your understanding about my Father, I feel more sad now then at the funeral and the days following his death.
    However- being 50's fine- cool, mature and elegant.... well, I can dream!
    Hope you are well and happy and have a great weekend.
    Jane x

  5. How nice, Jane! I could have spent a lot of money at the Fair! I am now really looking forward to the Blickling Hall weekends, with the craft and art fair, the lovely food and carols!

    I was planning to do this a year ago, but we got "stuck" in NY because of the bad weather in UK. We managed to travel back just in time for Christmas!This time last year my Thanksgiving turkey was almost ready! Do I wish I were there? I guess it would be nice!

    Glad to see you are gradually feeling a bit better.



  6. Jane - well, I think your stall looks absolutely lovely! I was pleased to see a favourite - the Rob Roy book with Richard Todd on the cover (ooh, childhood memories)

    I do hope that as time passes, you are able to feel a little better since the loss of your Dad. I recently had to dispose of my Mum's clothes etc after 9 months of trying and just dissolving each time, but now, I do feel easier the job has been tackled. The loss still comes like a wave, but that's natural I suppose. Love, Carol x

  7. I've been looking forward to your pictures of the fair. What a lovely one and wonderful looking people and wares. Hope you were successful. The worst part of a fair is that you spend so much money on other peoples wares that you don't make much. That's what has happened to me before. But what fun they are. Warmly, Diane

  8. Hello Anna,
    This is such a lovely time of year for events isn't it? I'm planning to visit at least one fair this weekend- or maybe two... I hope you have a happy weekend and don't miss the thought of New York too much! Jane x

  9. Hello Carol,
    How brilliant that you recognise Rob Roy! I just love the book and the highly coloured, very disney-esque photographs. I must find a copy of the film.
    Thank you for your kindness about losing Dad. My brother sent me a montage of wonderful photographs, many from when he was a very young man and they have left me feeling a bit weepy ( but happy too). Jane x

  10. Hello Diane,
    I always buy treats at fairs I do, I feel it's part of the perks for doing them! Emily was so pleased with her dress, I bought it for her as a 'thank you' for helping all day at the stall- much nicer then just giving her some money I think.Jane x

  11. Hi Jane, it was lovely to see you and chat, isn't it lovely that we now know each other in the real world! I thought your stall looked lovely, not at all muddled. Glad Emily loved her dress, it looked so lovely on her. Hope to see you soon xx

  12. very lovely images!

    i have a new post:
    thanks for a comment)

  13. Hello Jane,
    I think your stall looked very inviting Jane.
    And how lovely that you got to meet Sophie, I have yet to meet a 'blogland friend'.... one day I hope :)

    Thank you for your comments about Spotty. He is not looking so beautiful after rolling in the mud! Abby xx

  14. Hello Abby, It would be fun if all 'blogland' friends could meet at a party wouldn't it? I love the thought of a muddy Spotty, just like a child coming back from playing! Jane x

  15. Hi Sophie, A rather late hello to you. It was really nice to see you at the fair and Ems is SO pleased with her dress. I will try to get a photograph of her in it! Jane x

  16. That's wonderrful I adore vintage stuff and books and I'm drooling over all your images lol

  17. Hi Lorraine, thanks for dropping by! Jane x