Friday, 20 September 2013

Three pleasures

Today was meant to be a housework day. We are taking part in Salisbury's Arts Trail at the beginning of October and there is so much that I should be doing. Instead I have done the minimum of chores and spent this sunny day enjoying myself.
About two weeks ago I bought myself a bunch of yellow Chrysanthemums. They are not my favorite flower and had looked rather harsh and stiff in their large vase. So I chopped them down, changed their pot and added Sage from the garden. Lemons and figs seemed to complete the picture.

The sunshine tempted me out on one of my favourite walks, across the local fields. Today I  became engrossed in picking up interesting shaped pieces of flint. The result is a little childish but such fun!

The bright berries and leaves of Autumn are just beginning to glow. I love making seasonal wreaths for my door and I'm really happy with this one.

It has been a worthwhile day
But I still have an untidy bedroom....

Friday, 6 September 2013

One day at a time

I decided to follow my day with photographs-

the vital morning mug of tea

it's a bright start to the day



unavoidable chore


dealing with
emails and phone calls eats into the morning

time for a little something

This is the work  I enjoy

A quick lunch, then

I'm off

to the Dairy House Antiques

and my bookcase

where I happily add  to and re-arrange my books

the weather is still lovely

so I enjoy my journey back

there's the Spire, nearly home

spag bol for supper

too soon it's time...

for bed
Night night....