Tuesday, 27 August 2013

A Jewel of a Summer

England has basked under sunny skies and we have had a proper summer. For once fetes, parties and picnics have been enjoyed rather than postponed. It is ironic that I should be writing so cheerfully about this summer when I have spent a considerable part of it being ill. Being made to rest however, has meant that I have had the peace and the time to savour this season.

I have rested in my garden rather than worked in it and I have appreciated it as never before.
This whole summer seems to have been lit up with glowing, happy memories, nearly as bright as those I recall from my childhood.

Mum and I visited Mottifont Rose Gardens, luscious with blooms

The Larmer Tree Festival simply glowed with colour and light-

 We have had days by the sea

And walks in the countryside

From breezy bright mornings

To the calm of a beautiful sunset

My days have been filled with light.
On holiday in Provence we discovered a place where the fields were purple

and houses had shutters blue as the sky

And as for the markets...

I could have spent my days quite happily shopping for supper!

I have paddled in green swift-flowing rivers

And swam in the warm aquamarine seas

Back in England we had a special family gathering, graced by strawberries and more sunshine, my Mother's special family trifle and most importantly- the newest member of our family

I shall remember this summer and its colours, I hope it lasts in my memory as the one that lived up to our expectations. Who knows, though- next year it may be even more beautiful?

Before I finish, I have to add one last picture-

The jewel in the crown of David's Summer!