Tuesday, 27 August 2013

A Jewel of a Summer

England has basked under sunny skies and we have had a proper summer. For once fetes, parties and picnics have been enjoyed rather than postponed. It is ironic that I should be writing so cheerfully about this summer when I have spent a considerable part of it being ill. Being made to rest however, has meant that I have had the peace and the time to savour this season.

I have rested in my garden rather than worked in it and I have appreciated it as never before.
This whole summer seems to have been lit up with glowing, happy memories, nearly as bright as those I recall from my childhood.

Mum and I visited Mottifont Rose Gardens, luscious with blooms

The Larmer Tree Festival simply glowed with colour and light-

 We have had days by the sea

And walks in the countryside

From breezy bright mornings

To the calm of a beautiful sunset

My days have been filled with light.
On holiday in Provence we discovered a place where the fields were purple

and houses had shutters blue as the sky

And as for the markets...

I could have spent my days quite happily shopping for supper!

I have paddled in green swift-flowing rivers

And swam in the warm aquamarine seas

Back in England we had a special family gathering, graced by strawberries and more sunshine, my Mother's special family trifle and most importantly- the newest member of our family

I shall remember this summer and its colours, I hope it lasts in my memory as the one that lived up to our expectations. Who knows, though- next year it may be even more beautiful?

Before I finish, I have to add one last picture-

The jewel in the crown of David's Summer!


  1. What lovely pictures, colours and memories, even if marred by a nasty shingle tingle! I hope you are well recovered now ...
    M x

  2. Thank you I am- it took ages to clear tho' and I did feel rather sorry for myself...but it has been such a good summer, I couldn't let it spoil things! Jane xx

  3. There are rich blessings even when you're ill. It gave you the time to really treasure and savor the special moments of your summer. What a lovely and sweet post, Jane. Diane

    1. Dear Diane, how good to hear from you. I'm so glad you liked this post. Jane xx

  4. Oh Jane....thanks for letting me get a peak at your wonderful summer.



    1. Thank you Jo, it has been the lovliest of summers! Jane xx

  5. What a lovely collection of photos, illuminating a summer that does look idyllic and not clouded by your illness at all. I specially love all the different colours. A nice peep into your life.

    1. What a very lovely post, its made me feel rather nostalgic for summer and its currently still here!


    2. I agree it does still feel summery midday but the cool mornings and evenings are starting to feel the creep of Autumn appraching. Jane xx

  6. Hi Jenny, I'm glad you liked my colours, I tend to have a theme of thought or emotion when I do a blog and this was myine for the summer!Jane xx