Saturday, 28 March 2015

A poem for the Equinox

It would help if we remembered
Spring Forward, Fall...
Back but that's not what we need to recall.
Will this biennial shift
make us grumpy and miffed
when we're ripped from our sleep far too soon?
Or will happiness be engendered
and our hearts rendered tender
by later rising of stars and the Moon?


It seems to me
that the Equinox splits
those with young children
and those who are free...

To brave tired parents, whose survival
is cruelly threatened by sleep deprival
coping with loud and early risers,
Spring joy will come as no surprise, as
half past four becomes half past five.
A more reasonable time to come alive.
It's the evening, at least in the Southern parts,
that the Equinox causes a lifting of hearts.
 For those who are free of family chores
this means an extra hour outdoors,
 where they may take drinks and even dine,
welcoming lengthening Spring sunshine.


( At least in this age of mobile phones and computers,
none of us need be equinoxially unaware, running late, commuters!)
I have written this very silly poem because of a conversation I had with my son Sam last night, as to which equinox did what and how it will affect us. Writing it reminded me of those early risings on Spring mornings when I was up and feeding my daughter Emily as the first birds started to sing.
(Apologies to all for dreadful doggerel and silly rhymes)







Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Pretty Nostalgic Magazine- a new venture


I have been a supporter of this unique magazine since it first started. Nicole (creator and driving force) has had a vision of creating a beautiful independent magazine that celebrates-

                                   "Creative and sustainable living inspired by the past"

It is now being run as a society and it is great fun getting to know other like minded people. Here I am at a tea party at home with another local member Sheila. Although you will miss out on local events you can even be a member abroad and the beautiful compendiums will be posted to you wherever you are.

At the moment we are a fairly small group so Nicole has decided to put this issue on line for free in the hope that many more people will have a chance to appreciate the magazine and so become a member. She does not sell through major outlets and has only member advertising. Back issues are available though me and I hope I can answer any questions any body has.

Please do have a look as I'm very proud to have written the article and chosen the books for the spring Book Club!


Sunday, 1 March 2015

Treasure Hunting

This morning I awoke and saw the day was dry, so I stumbled out of bed, dressed warmly and was soon ready to set out for the nearest car boot sale. David teased me about this and I grumblingly complained about getting up early and heading out into the cold. "Go on, you love it"  he replied. As I drove to the sale I started to ponder and this post is the result.
I have realised the truth in what he said. Some of my greatest moments of enjoyment and pleasure are when I am treasure hunting. I love the search, the intense contemplation and the feeling that I have to have all my wits about me and my senses alert, to spot that wonderful, hidden gem. It is in essence a solitary pursuit, and in fact I get quite grumpy if I'm interrupted and am expected to talk to somebody whilst on the prowl. I'm only sociable after the hunt when I'm proud and ready to show off my finds!

Flea markets, charity shops and car-boot sales call to me and I will spend hours rootling and delving.

I also love to beach-comb and field-comb, so my home is filled with the little piles of delicate shells, unusual pebbles and sea glass I have garnered.

Another unfailing joy is the chance to wander around a garden, snipping a bud here, a blossom there, a scented leaf or sprig and make myself a perfect little posy to place by my bed or in the little book-room. I then have many hours of pleasure looking at the individual flowers and sniffing their scents.

I don't only search for physical treasures, I try to celebrate with friends and family whenever I can so to create a treasure trove of happy memories which refresh and delight. Last Solstice we held a small party for my local friends. I was not due to spend Christmas with my children and I was trying to be brave but missing Emily, as she now lives away from home. There was a flurry of activity and arrivals and suddenly there was Emmie, with some of her best and dearest friends from her childhood, all here to surprise me. I love this picture of her greeting my friend Terri (who was in on the secret). It's the joy on both her face and her friend Clare that makes my heart lift.

I feel lucky in that I live in an age when I can have a camera always with me. Recently we were having a family pub lunch and I snapped this shot of Sam and his beloved camera. When I look at it, I am reminded of the great surge of love and pride I felt as I watched him: his quiet and dexterous movements and his happy absorption in his art.

Wherever I am, I like to look for treasure. Whether it is in the smile of one of my guests at the day centre who arrived feeling sad from a week spent alone

but left us happy and refreshed by our friendship and fun, or when I spot some tiny quirky thing of beauty, hidden from many people's passing gaze

If you stay hopeful and keep looking, you can usually find a cloth of gold.