Wednesday, 28 March 2012

I feel like I've lost a very useful part of me....!

This is a short post as  I have managed to lose my beloved camera.
 I can only think it fell (or was pinched) from my bag. I know I had it a week last Friday but despite scouring the house, it is not to be found.
I have been desperate to write and illustrate some new posts...
I have two new hens - who will join my present ladies

As they are not laying as well as they were last Spring...

I've been swimming in the sea -in March, I can't believe it!  I took my rather speedy dip in Man o' War Cove, just along from Lulworth- the other side of Durdle Door in Dorset.

Lulworth Cove
But there are no photographs and I have had to rootle through my old ones to just find these.

I have seen a bank of celendines that made me think of a Mediaval Tapestry and I'm aching to get out there and capture these sights and tell you about them.
I will have one last look tomorrow ( and maybe just one more at the weekend ) and then I'll have to accept my camara has gone.
Hey Ho.... the trials of 21st Century life!

Monday, 19 March 2012

The happiness of being loved

In the midst of trouble, sometimes a happy day can shine out, lighting up all the others.
It started with a beautiful hand-made card from Emily-

I love her quirky collages!

Then David nobly drove us both to the Artisan Spring Fair where we had such a cheerful, friendly day, with good sales and great customers.
Back home that evening, Sam set the table and the scene

with candles, flowers and a bottle of my favourite Freixenet, it looked perfect

The room was lit up and seemed full of colour

And from the kitchen came wonderful cooking smells as the two of them created the most scrumptious meal

Chicken breast stuffed with mozzerella and asparagus, with Anya potatoes and peas

The chefs were satisfied

And David and I were completely happy too

I'm not very keen on puddings but my very favourite chocolate was brought out with great ceremony...


I felt well loved and truly spoilt, I am so lucky to have my family.

And finally Sam brought out his card for me, so in character- simple, succinct and says it all...

It has been a very happy Mothering Sunday for me, I hope yours was too.