Thursday, 19 July 2012

Festivals, fancy dress and lavender bags- and did I mention the mud?

I have just done an unusual deed. It's a job that usually seems a complete waste of time but today it was vital... I have just washed my car!
This is because last weekend we went to the Larmer Tree Festival. The festival is set in beautiful Victorian gardens, with lawns, fields and woods to enjoy.

However, as I'm sure you can guess, this year's torrential rain had turned everywhere into chocolate custard style mud.
I don't often feel my age but I have to admit that I no longer wish to spend days tramping around knowing that if I actually sit down anywhere, the small portion of my body that I have managed to keep clean and dry will succumb to a relentlessly spreading tide of dirt.

We made the most of the situation. Sam and his friend were undaunted by the weather and disappeared for the weekend, only to be seen occasionally still looking extremely cool despite being even muddier than we were.
Saturday night is fancy dress night and this year the theme was 'All at Sea'. I think that maybe the people who come to this festival are rather an eccentric bunch as so many of the costumes were truly inventive and humorous!

There were Jellyfish

Handsome Sailors

Edwardian Bathers

a 'Lost Boy'

and my favourite
Noah and his Arc and their friend, the Walrus

 Of course we couldn't resist the chance to dress up and got rather carried away creating our costumes...
 Emily and her friend Rosa were beautiful as the Sea and a Mermaidy Fish

I will be the first to admit that David and I were not nearly as attractive...

(we were castaways)
When I saw David in his amazing wig, I couldn't stop laughing and he was equally amused by my strange patchy 'sun-tan' and bird's nest hair!

I think we made a perfect couple...

On the Sunday (restored to our  more natural colour and hair-styles) we ran a workshop called "Bath Bombs and Portaloo Pomanders".

This rather obscure title really meant that everybody had a happy and scented time filling little muslin bags full of dried herbs, spices and flowers, which they then decorated with ribbons and hand-written labels.

These were either worn around the neck to ward off evil odours-

or saved to add to that first wonderful hot bath back home-

David and I added the essential oils for extra perfume

Everybody seemed to enjoy making these delicate treats

All in all, I can say that despite it being a bit of a battle, we still enjoyed ourselves and there was even a little sunshine and

a rainbow!


  1. What happy pics. The Larmer Tree was the first festival we took our little man to several years ago and we loved it. The family atmosphere was great ... must go again ... M x

    1. I wonder if we met the time you went? Wouldn't that be a great coincidence? It is a magical festival... even when it rains...Jane xx

  2. Despite the mud it looks like a lot of fun. And, how better to end the day than with a rainbow.

    1. The rainbow was such a lovely one and such a happy sight as the sun came out properly not long afterwards. Jane xx

  3. It looks wonderful, we can't let rain stop us, otherwise we'd never go out. Love the Mermaids! x

    1. The mermaids were great and had lights inside their umbrellas, so they glowed at night! Jane xx

  4. Looks like you all had a wonderful weekend despite the weather and the mud. I love the portaloo pomanders, fab idea, and I love the fancy dress outfits! Have a lovely weekend hopefully with a bit more sunshine.
    Jo xx

    1. Hi Jo,
      The pomanders are great fun to do, I'm thinking of trying to do some more workshops, everybody did seem to really enjoy them selves. I'm glad you like our mad outfits! Jane xx

  5. You have so much fun!!! That sounds like a wonderful time, thanks so much for sharing Jane. (I like your bird's nest hair!)

  6. Hello Diane, I suffered for that hair-do! I should NEVER have back-combed it, it took AGES to sort it out the next day! Jane xx

  7. Love it! Despite the wet weather and mud - it all looks great fun!

  8. Found you at Terra's.....LOVED this post and all the funny photos......and you Brits think we Americans are KOOKY!!! LOL LOL LOL



    1. I think you're right Jo, we are a rather weird lot! Gald my post made you smile. Jane xx

  9. I'm so glad we did go, it was good fun and there were some lovely people there. Jane xx

  10. It's so hot here I wish it would rain - ha ha. Looks like you all had a wonderful time and your costumes were amazing. Karen Xx

    1. Isn't it funny how differently we feel about the weather? Glad you liked the costumes, it's always such fun doing fancy dress! Jane xx

  11. Jane, Just wanted to let you know we just bestowed The Kreative Blogger Award upon you! Please pop over to Mrs Black's and pick it up when you get a minute. xxx

  12. Hi, Jane! What FUN!!....I would have loved to have been there! :)
    I would be happy to send your some Cypress Vine seeds...You still have time this year to grow some, and then you will have seeds forever! (Or you can save them until next year.) LOL ~ Just send me your address if you’d like some and I’ll mail them ~ ♥

  13. It all looks like a lot of fun and you certainly looked sexy in your castaway costume, Jane and... you have a fantastic smile! Will be watching you on the 24th!