Friday, 3 May 2013

Happy Birthday 'Pretty Nostalgic' Magazine

As soon as I came home yesterday, I rushed to the doormat and there was my copy of  'Pretty Nostalgic' Magazine-

Reading this unique magazine is always a treat but this time I had an extra reason to be excited...
They had asked me to write an article about the quirky joys of secondhand books and it has been published in this issue.
I'm in print!
If you are intrigued, here is the link. My article apart, it's a truly unique and high quality magazine, with unusual articles, beautiful photographs and a great attitude!

In my article I talk about the unusual things found within old books and the particularly personal pleasure they can bring.
My favourite is:

"a tiny wood engraving of hens. It fell out of a 15th-century bible and was probably used as a page
marker. It is dated 1610. It’s incredible that this little slip of paper has survived over 400 years. "

I have a habit of saving favourite photographs and cards in my poetry books. It is such a joy to open a well-loved book and out slips a happy memory

Emily and Sam showing an early love for Jaffa cakes

Emily was 4 years old when she gave me this little drawing. On the back it says ' to Mummy becos you love flaws'

I save love notes and tickets, even shopping lists for a special party. The past is brought back so vividly when I discover and read them again.

A beautiful hand-painted card form my artist friend Nicky
I was recently re-reading and old paperback of ' Women in Love' by D.H. Lawrence. It was filled with my marks and scruffy hand-written notes from 1982 when I was studying at university. It may be a bad habit to write in books but I'm so glad I did!

Of course some handwriting in books is perfectly allowable. This is a recipe from a cookery book, written in 1885.

In my article I write-

"I love finding hidden things within the pages.  It is as if, for a moment, I am
connected to the person who owned this book before me."

I hope my little mementoes connect me to the person who owns and reads my books after me.

I will finish now with a final wish to all the lovely people who are involved with ' Pretty Nostalgic' magazine. Long may you brighten my days!


  1. Congratulations on being published, Jane!! I love the fact that you have little tidbits like that stashed in your books - it's a lovely surprise when you run across them. Have a great weekend. Diane

    1. Thank you Diane- I do feel quite pleased and excited! Have a happy weekend too. Jane xx

  2. Great news. Thanks you for supplying the link. I always write in books. I think of it as leaving a little message of why I enjoyed a particular book or passage. It is always fun to find notes in books purchased at estate sales, little treasures. Have a wonderful weekend. Bonnie

    1. I'm glad to hear you write in books too Bonnie.
      I always think that there are special books: rare, costly and kept in perfect condition, and working books: carried around in handbags, written in, baattered and part of your life!
      Have a happy weekend too- Jane xx

  3. Well done, Jane! I always love reading your posts, as they are filled with so much "soul" and so much of yourself. I know what you mean about finding "things" hidden inside books... they allow you to travel back in time and relive your past, or, other times, like you say, they connect you with the life of someone who lived a long time ago.

    I bought a sketchbook, from a charity shop, which dates back to 1850something. In this, the woman (name written inside the sketchbook) recorded her time in Norfolk, through a series of beautiful watercolours. There is a weird one: a young man, dressed as a country boy of the time, almost spying, from behind a tree. Bit scary, that image, but... yes, I treasure that sketch book!



    1. Hello my dear Anna, I hope you had a happy sunny bank holiday weekend.
      I used to buy Victorian sketch books when I worked in London, I have two beautiful paintings of church doors- i'd love to know their history.
      Jane xxx

  4. Lovely article Jane - have just read my copy under our huge magnolia in the sun with a gin and tonic - bliss.
    I keep special things in my books too and often get a lovely surprise when a card or ticket falls out. Hope you are well and at last enjoying some sunshine. Karen xx

  5. Hello Karen, I'm so glad you enjoyed my article, I love getting my copy of Pretty Nostalgic, it's such a treat and gin and tonic is a perfect addition!
    Hope you had aahppy bank holiday weekend
    Jane xx

  6. Congratulations Jane on being selected to write for Pretty Nostalgic. They are fortunate to have a writer such as you in this issue.

    I share you love of finding little souvenirs in books and the memories come flooding back

    Helen xx

    1. Hello Helen, I was so pleased and excited when I saw my article in print the first time! I'm really happy to be part of such a lovely magazine- Jane xx

  7. Hello Jane, congratulations on being published, I will check it out. I haven't seen this magazine, it looks lovely. I think it's ok to write in books, and I love the fact that you have photos of your children in your books too. Much love, Linda xx

    1. Hello Linda,I have had many a happy, slightly sentimental moments looking at things I have kept in my books- I'm so glad I did! Lots of love Jane xx