Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Vintage Nostalgia

I've been even more hectic than usual as this coming weekend brings one of my favourite events.The Vintage Nostalgia Show at Stockton Park in Wiltshire.
The Vintage Nostalgia Show only started last year and is a wonderful weekend full of classic cars, enticing stalls, great food and music and beautiful people all dressed in their vintage finery!
I have been packing and sorting madly and everywhere is full of teetering piles of stock!

Emily is singing,

David and Sam are dressing up ( photo to follow of Sam dressed up!)

My lovely sister-in -law is down for a visit, so it looks set to be a wonderful weekend.
Last year we had hot sunshine, so I have my fingers crossed it will be the same this year.

I'm all prepared to dress in full vintage glamour ...I've been practising my hair and make-up and trying to diet so my waist looks good in a lovely, flowery 1950's dress-
I'm just so excited!

/  ( All the Show's details are here!)


  1. Sounds absolutely fantastic. I hope the sun shines for you. Have a great time.
    Jo xx

  2. Oh Wiltshire! I do miss it. Have a great time - looks fab!

  3. I love your new header - the flowers are beautiful! And I hope you all have a wonderful time. Diane

  4. It sounds really exciting, Jane! I can "feel" your excitement! I remember last year's post. I remember that photo of you in the yellow dress, from your post, right?

    The person I really envy is your daughter, who gets to sing! There's no way my daughter would sing in public. But I would! And I did! But good job my daughter wasn't there, as she would have hidden away and been very embarrassed. "You are so embarrassing, mummy!" what's so strange about a mother who doesn't mind getting on a stage and having lots of fun? Who's the mother and who's the daughter. Our roles are inverted!
    Have a lovely time and look sexy (but no thongs! Do you think the Marquis De Sade invented them? Torture!)




  5. A very late ' Thank you' for your comments. It's such a brilliant Fair and we were so lucky to have good weather again/ Jane xxx