Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Old pleasures, new patterns

There is nothing that cheers me up quite so much as a jaunt! If I don't let the daily call of work and duty squash my spirit, I slip away and play. It might be a short walk in the countryside, a visit to a favourite gallery or a drive to a place I have wanted to explore. I like to go alone, take my lunch and my camera and potter, letting the road and chance lead the way.
Here are a few of my photographs from recent forays:

Flooded fields

A close up of a delicately painted stained glass window- an Angel's wing..

Briony stalks

Old Telephone box in deserted hospital grounds

Colour or Black and White?

Misty or richly coloured ?

And finally...

It's a rather odd mixture maybe but they make me happy.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Start as you mean to go on

I am hopeful that despite the disappointment of my delayed quest, 2014 will be a year full of exploration and adventure.
I have reason to be optimistic!
Even before Christmas was over David whisked me away for a 'mystery weekend'. After all the festive plotting and planning, cooking and cleaning, it was such a relief to put myself in another's hands and spend some days in perfect accord and enjoyment- and not to have to make a single decision!
We set off on a sunny Friday when all the flooded fields were blue and beautiful

I had no idea where we were going and it was David's delight to lead me up hill and down dale until we reached our place for the evening-at the foot of a rainbow of course!

Next morning we went exploring-

The ford proved too deep for Wellingtons and as it was a typically English day with sunshine and showers, we turned to the local church.

and the old churchyard, lovely even in the rain

January days are short and before long the quiet afternoon light faded.
We glimpsed a herd of deer

And the sun began to set.

It was dark before we came to our destination. I can tell you that the rooms are a perfect old-fashioned haven

And the view in the morning is quite unique...

Yes! David had treated me again and we stayed in my favourite

Spread Eagle Hotel at Stourhead!
I was so excited when we drove up, he had tried to make me believe we were staying elsewhere and had kept me guessing until the last moment.
The next morning we woke to a perfect bright frosty start. Even in mid winter the colours are beautiful and the gardens seemed lit up as we walked around the icy lake.

Too soon it was time to leave. We bundled into the car which I expected to turn homewards.
I was in for yet another surprise- we spent the afternoon at Lyme Regis, my favourite seaside town!

To be shown such love and to see so much beauty has made me a very happy woman.
( I'm now planning his mystery weekend...)