Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Spring Fairs- Spring Cleaning can wait...

It must be Spring, or very nearly so, because the time for Spring Fairs has arrived!

I have put aside any thoughts of housework and been going through old photographs of my stock to try to find the ones which sum up my rather varied collection... My apologies if  you have seen some of these before. It's really hard to choose which ones to put into brochures and on websites.

The first I'm doing is The Jubilee March Fayre, this Saturday 3rd March in the Guild Hall in Salisbury


Then there's The Artisan Spring Fair at Middle Woodford Village Hall on Sunday March 18th

And last but not least, which isn't until May but I've just heard I have my place booked, so I'm feeling excited about it...
is The Vintage Nostalgia Show 25th 26th and 27th May in the Wyle Valley

And I added the photo of me holding a great pile of old books, which I love as they hide my not inconsiderable tummy!

I hope I've made a good choice of photos. I'm actually planning a slight different theme to each fair, it's much better fun that way but harder to capture using old photographs rather than a picture of what I'm planning to take each time.
I think I had better stop writing about things and actually get on with doing them. There is an awful lot of sorting, labelling and packing to do. I'm so looking forward to these fairs-
 I can truly say - I have a spring in my step!

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Last days before the Beginning

In just a few days my marvelous Emily will be 20 years old!

I think many mothers become nostalgic around the birthdays of their children and I admit to shedding a tear when I looked at the photographs from so many years ago. She is now off at university and leaping into and loving her life there, so actually I am happy and wouldn't change a thing!
The early spring when I was awaiting her birth seems such a long time ago now. I remember how strange it was to be part of a natural cycle that is so very normal and ordinary but to me so earth-shatteringly amazing and life changing.

Last days before the Beginning

I am fat and tight as a lilac bud.
I am waiting, still and quiet as a bulb in the dark earth.
Soon Spring will be here, pushing, bursting and blossoming.
As for now, I like to watch for the early flowers
The slim, frail snowdrops give me courage
that I too will be brave and bring forth my burden.
It's hard to imagine a new life inside me
but as the poet says-
" Nothing is certain, only the certain Spring".

Happy Birthday my dearest girl.