Friday, 10 August 2012

Blue sky and blue water

The sun was shining, it was the holidays, so Sam and I grabbed our cameras and treated ourselves to a day-out exploring. Sam had read about Blue Pool near Warham in Dorset and I can never resist the chance of slipping down to the sea.
Blue Pool is a well known beauty spot and perhaps a little too groomed and organised for me. I found myself wanting to be a Victorian lady discovering it for the first time whilst digging up ferns for my rock garden...
The waters from the old clay pit are a bright turquoise colour. It is said that the fine particles of clay cause the water to appear blue or green, depending on the light-

Sam was determined to capture the amazing colours

When the sun came out it really glowed!


The heathland beside the pool  and the shoreline was full of dragonflies

even more blue than the waters

You had to be quick to catch them!
After clotted cream ice-cream we felt refreshed and ready to head down to Durdle door. I've grown to love the Dorset coast and this particlar stretch always takes my breath away.

I can never decide if I prefer it in the sunshine, or with dark, glowering clouds making it look even more dramatic-

We were lucky to have the beach nearly to ourselves and I felt completely content tramping through the pebbles, beach combing and having a chance to talk to my boy.

As the quiet one of the family, I sometimes feel Sam gets a bit swamped by the tides of Emmie and my chatter. It was good to have a day with him alone.
He is still perfecting the prints of his shots but I have a suspicion that I'm going to be rather envious of several - we are both dreadfully competitive when it comes to our beloved photography!

On the journey home I stopped by the heath and picked my annual posy of heather.
When I sniff the rich honey scent, it always takes me back to my childhood summer holidays spent in our Scottish cottage. I used to lie for hours, on my back on the mountainside, deep amidst the heather.

It was late when we got home, tired but happy, it had been a good day.