Friday, 2 November 2012

The best of Birthdays

Last year I had the great milestone birthday of 50 years. I have to admit, that despite some happy moments, it was a difficult time, with loved ones away from me and my Father so ill. I made up for it by celebrating in many ways throughout the whole year though!

Saints and Sinners Party with Ems and Sam
This year was made special by my lovely man. He (with some help from Emily) planned the most wonderful Birthday weekend to make me happy.
All was a surprise and a secret. We drove off into the dark night and I had to cover my eyes at particular places. When allowed to look around me, we passed an old arched gate, creeper covered walls -and suddenly the place seemed familiar...

He had brought me to stay in the Spread Eagle Inn, set within the grounds of the beautiful Stourhead Gardens.

The bedrooms are elegant, antique filled, old fashioned and comfortable. They were kind enough to have saved us supper, which was then brought to our room once we'd settled in.
I had packed with care-it was such fun to have a chance to use my favourite old suitcase.


 ( This discreet use of the three dots was first used in a romantic sense in Elinor Glyn's scandalous novel  "Three Weeks")
Next morning, after a suitably sustaining breakfast, we had the joy of wandering around these magnificent gardens all by ourselves. True, it was a little rainy but that didn't detract from their beauty or our happiness.

In fact, even the rain-drops looked lovely

We scuffed through fallen leaves

and in time-honoured fashion of happy couples, took our photograph with the camara held out in front us.

We were lucky to have peace and the time to look at the Autumn trees

The amazing colours

And those perfect moments that we usually miss during our tiring, hurried lives.

We stopped at The Gothic Cottage

to rest by the fire, with a  hot chocolate

and add our memories to the magic tree

It was a perfect way to celebrate my Birthday.

And there was still more to come!
We travelled to Bath where we were met by Emily and Sam, to finish the day with shopping, cocktails and the most delicious of meals.

So David my dearest, I can truly say "Thank You"

this was the happiest of Birthday Treats