Sunday, 1 February 2015

Where do I begin?

I have finally found the time and the right sense of mind to sit down and return to my beloved blog. I can't believe that I have let so many months pass.
Life has been busy but then it so often is. On thinking about it, I realise that my procrastination has been due to not knowing how to write up some important events in my life.
All through October and November last year I was organizing my brother's Wedding. It was the happiest, most moving event. My brother Jon has been with his partner Crispin for 21 years, I never expected to celebrate their wedding.They are both very private people and although I wanted to share my thoughts and photos of this important event, I somehow felt it was their day alone.

ps. This was with the Vicar's permission

David and I had a wonderfully quiet Christmas in Devon, away from the usual hurly-burly of the season. We tried to make it a little Retreat. It was a time of peace and beauty but... I did miss having a family Christmas!

I have just returned from the greatest of treats- a visit to Venice with my great friend Pippa. Of course I fell in love with that most magical of cities, where every turn opens up new scenes of  delight. The weather was sunny and the crowds few. We felt as if the whole city was laid out for us alone!

Hooray! I now feel as if I have ' caught up'. I am about to take on an exciting new venture, so I am clear and free to write about it and share my new adventures with my friends in ' Blog-land'
A very belated Happy 2015