Thursday, 5 November 2015

New paths : My career as an Independent Celebrant

Seasons have passed since I last wrote here and it feels even longer, when I look back over the last few months.
From last year I had been slowly coming to the conclusion that I needed a new career. I love my business 'Kiss the Book' but it earns me little. I enjoy the feeling of doing a good job at the Friendship Club but that's not for ever and my potterings in the world of W.I. speakers and life modelling were coming to a natural close.
It was a good friend who suggested I might think of being a celebrant. To be honest, I didn't even know what one was! In case you are similarly uninformed, I will explain.
An independent celebrant is a person who creates and performs ceremonies. They are not tied to Church or State and are free to follow their clients' wishes. I do not perform the legal bit of a marriage (for example) but I do the talking!

Many people do not feel they are part of a particular religion or church and yet find that the alternative civil options are soulless and impersonal. That's where I come in.
I have spent an interesting and testing few months taking an on-line diploma with uksoc.  My tutor James is a wonderful teacher- patient, humorous and inspiring.
So.. to cut a long story short, I have now qualified and I absolutely love my work.

At a beautiful Blessing

It is a challenge to meet people and to learn from them the sort of ceremony they really want.
It suits my nature to spend ages looking up the perfect reading or poem and I really enjoy the buzz when a ceremony I have created and performed  makes people happy.

I still have my beloved ' Kiss the Book' and now have an excuse to buy even more poetry books.

I hope to create ceremonies that are spiritual and beautiful. I have already been part of a handfasting, where the couple make vows to each other and "tie the knot". It was joyous and moving.

Funerals hold special challenges. I like to feel that I have done my very best, that the ceremony captures something of the true character of the loved one and provides a fitting tribute to them. Nothing can take away the grief but a good funeral can provide closure and comfort.

There are so many ceremonies for so many occasions: renewing of vows, sand ceremonies, unity candles, Namings and memorials. I hope I have the chance to try them all.

I think I have now brought you all up to date as to my career. The rest of the family are well but as to their doings...  that had better be another day's tale...  (This is my new page)