Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Old pleasures, new patterns

There is nothing that cheers me up quite so much as a jaunt! If I don't let the daily call of work and duty squash my spirit, I slip away and play. It might be a short walk in the countryside, a visit to a favourite gallery or a drive to a place I have wanted to explore. I like to go alone, take my lunch and my camera and potter, letting the road and chance lead the way.
Here are a few of my photographs from recent forays:

Flooded fields

A close up of a delicately painted stained glass window- an Angel's wing..

Briony stalks

Old Telephone box in deserted hospital grounds

Colour or Black and White?

Misty or richly coloured ?

And finally...

It's a rather odd mixture maybe but they make me happy.


  1. Forays that have resulted in some brilliant photos ... M x

  2. Lovely and evocative images. I think this time of ear we need movement and stimulation from nature, wonderful set of pictures chosen here. How exquisite is that angel's wing? x

  3. I my opinion, black & white and richly coloured but I'm sure it's a personal thing. Lovely photos!

  4. Oh that lovely angel wing, not to mention that little sweetheart in the last shot!
    I love to 'tag along' as you discover nifty sights like these (albeit the flooded fields was so sad! Mother Nature has not been kind yet again!)
    All the best,

  5. Good for you Jane. We should all take time for ourselves and do something like that - regularly! This is a lovely set of pictures. The angel wing and the little horse are particularly sweet.

  6. I love that kind of jaunt myself and I love your photos too. Somehow I never get those kind of shots when I'm in company; you have to let your imagination flow unimpeded. Keep on Jauntin'

  7. Just what I love to do - you've given me itchy feet!

  8. What a wonderful stained glass window. It appears to have texture and depth as well as the most beautiful colours.