Sunday, 12 May 2013

The hidden orchard, a secret paradise

I love orchards and have a dream of owning one...

And now I have found a secret, hidden orchard.
It is a small field that has been planted with a variety of trees. I made my first visit of this year and it is exploding with life, light and colour.

The gate is locked but I'm afraid I sneak in anyway. I walk gently and cause no harm.

Some of the trees are in full blossom, some yet to come into bud

It is wild and overgrown,

I need to wear my wellies as the nettles are already knee high

It was a bright sunny day and I felt almost breathless with excitement as I looked up through the petals to the clear blue sky

Wherever I looked, it was beautiful! There were poplars by the river

White blossoms-

pale pink cherries

Sugar pink cherries with their ballerina-like tutus

And crab apples, a still deeper crimson.

I wandered around, content and absorbed.

The sun shone warmly through the new leaves

The sweet scent of flowers filled the air

Winter seemed a distant dream.


  1. How gorgeous Jane! I must admit as I read through your post I half expected some angry farmer to come at you with his gun!I am so glad that didn't happen! I hope you get your dream orchard one day.
    Many thanks for your lovely comments, I very much appreciate them. Oh and I forgot to say when you commented last time, that I do find it really helps me to focus, by blogging at the same time each week.
    Much love, Linda x

  2. Magnificent secret orchard and photos. Look out for that farmer!

  3. What a wonderful place (and time of the year) to spend time with yourself. I think I would have done exactly the same thing. Diane

  4. Such gorgeous pictures! Seems right out of the pages of 'Alice in Wonderland'. :-)

  5. Thank you for your replies, I'm afraid I'm actually posting quicker than I can reply at the moment!
    I'm so glad you liked my secret, magical place, Love Jane xxx