Saturday, 28 March 2015

A poem for the Equinox

It would help if we remembered
Spring Forward, Fall...
Back but that's not what we need to recall.
Will this biennial shift
make us grumpy and miffed
when we're ripped from our sleep far too soon?
Or will happiness be engendered
and our hearts rendered tender
by later rising of stars and the Moon?


It seems to me
that the Equinox splits
those with young children
and those who are free...

To brave tired parents, whose survival
is cruelly threatened by sleep deprival
coping with loud and early risers,
Spring joy will come as no surprise, as
half past four becomes half past five.
A more reasonable time to come alive.
It's the evening, at least in the Southern parts,
that the Equinox causes a lifting of hearts.
 For those who are free of family chores
this means an extra hour outdoors,
 where they may take drinks and even dine,
welcoming lengthening Spring sunshine.


( At least in this age of mobile phones and computers,
none of us need be equinoxially unaware, running late, commuters!)
I have written this very silly poem because of a conversation I had with my son Sam last night, as to which equinox did what and how it will affect us. Writing it reminded me of those early risings on Spring mornings when I was up and feeding my daughter Emily as the first birds started to sing.
(Apologies to all for dreadful doggerel and silly rhymes)








  1. Good to see a celebration of the Equinox. And what lovely photos - where is that last place with the pointed windows?

  2. Jane, a charming poem, full of truths, for sure. Reality bites, when that single, lost hour of sleep we're deprived!

    Pretty pics of your neck of the woods.

    Happy spring!


  3. Jane that was fabulous, cheered my day when outside does not seem spring like at all. Beautiful photography as well. xx

  4. Dear Friends, you are all so kind, especially as I had got all mixed up. As Sam said," how ironic Mum, only you could get it wrong! "
    I've now altered the poem so it makes sense... still not a great poem tho!
    Jane xx

  5. It's cute anyway. One gets the poin. I have more trouble this year than ever and I always wonder "WHY" I wish they'd just leave things alone. Have a beautiful day - whenever it starts.

  6. Many true words... A new grandchild recently and his parents not getting the sleep they need. When they are not so exhausted I'll make sure they read your thought provoking words.
    Thank you.
    Frances x

  7. This made me smile. Although Spring ought to be rejuvenating, it does seem to be a difficult time to shake off the Winter and long sleeps. Is that The Gothick Cottage at Stourhead in your last photo? I love that place and even have a small model of it.

  8. Thank you for the SMILE! Well done!

  9. Is all well with you? Diane

  10. Dear Jane, I do hope you are okay, and just busy, we miss you! come back! x