Sunday, 27 March 2016

Easter Bonnets- the joy of finding that perfect hat

David and I were spending a leisurely day exploring the market town of Devizes. He has a nose for the interesting, so I wasn't surprised when he beckoned and said: " Let's have a look down this little alleyway"
I followed him and gasped in delight! It was as if we had stepped back in time...

Hidden in amongst the more modern houses is St Johns Alley and this perfect Elizabethan building is home to this most amazing hat shop.
Inside is a treasure trove of colour and texture and hats, hats, hats!. I have never seen so many beautiful hats in one place.
The proprietor, Joan Pressley, told us that the shop was established in 1987 and from the number of elegant ladies we saw shopping there, it is still thriving.
 She very kindly let me look around and even allowed me a glimpse into the back room where all the hat trimming and altering was done.


The shop sells and hires designer hats for all occasions and also offers a bespoke trimming service where you can have your favourite hat remade to match your outfit for that special celebration.
The whole shop was a lit up with jewelled colours. there were traditional styles, elegant little creations and some which looked quite bonkers to me!

I'm so glad we found Joan Pressley's unique shop. Now I can wait and hope that I will have a chance to officiate as a Celebrant at an extremely fabulous wedding where it will be imperative that I have to treat myself to a beautiful hat to suit!

Here is the link to the shop. If you are ever in Devizes... be tempted!

Wishing everybody a
Happy Easter



  1. Oh, how fun that must have been. Hope you had a Happy Easter.

    1. Thank you Diane, we had a quiet but happy time. Jane xx

  2. Hmmmm - I thought that I'd already commented on this post. I'd love to find a shop like this one - it's a bit of a fantasy shop, I think. There was a time when I wore hats often - when The Great Dane was a commanding officer and there were parades - another life! I think that you should splash out and get a fantastic hat!

    1. I am tempted... I love hats but only a few suit me, I have too much bushy hair!

  3. Jane, what a fabulous street and then to find this unique hat shop. I hope you soon receive a wedding invitation or a royal invitation.
    Helen x

    1. That would be such fun, I do love a chance to put on my glad rags! Jane xx


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