Tuesday, 9 October 2012

When a best friend marries

There was a time when I was younger, when our weekends were filled with weddings. Now it is a more unusual event, therefore a particularly special occasion.
When my dear friend Pippa married Andy this Summer, I felt so happy for her. This picture, taken on the beach just after the ceremony, shows the sense of fun and love they share-

I'm certain she has chosen wisely

After all, who can resist a Pirate?

I have to admit however, it is hard when a good friend moves away and starts another phase of their life.
Pippa has lived 'just down the road' from me for 18 years and several times a week we would be around each other's houses catching up on the vital minutiae of life. In fact, she is actually part of my house, having carved our hearth stone for us when we had the grand redecorating

Not a great photo but I had to include it!

She is a stone mason, a sculptor and artist

Pip's Polar Bears just before they were sold

Egg Lady (I was the model)

One of my favourite lino cuts
We have shared each other's highs and lows over the years. Our children have grown up together and there was rarely a party or a meal that Pippa was not part of

And Beetle is always a part of everything too!

And goodness, we have had some great parties! The most recent being our ' Saints and Sinners' party at a local church

Pippa, one of her twin sons Adam and me

Pip looked fabulous as a bad fairy!

We have been on so many adventures and holidays-

In Yorkshire for the Andy Goldsworthy exhibition

Cut off by the tide in Devon!

Pippa took me to Spain last winter to celebrate my 50th Birthday. We had the most amazing holiday in Granada and Cordoba

It's such fun to go away with a friend who shares the same love of art and the unusual. Although I have to admit, that meant we spent quite a lot of our time enjoying wonderful meals in beautiful surroundings...

I know she will be happy together with Andy in her married life and I also know that I will always be a welcome visitor to her new home in Devon. After all, life may bring many changes but good friends remain!


  1. Hello Jane

    You have a wonderful friend in Pippa. What history you share of a a beautiful friendship. I love the images and in particular the last one. I also love the wedding pictures.

    Wishing Pippa and Andy a lifetime of happiness.


    1. Hello Helen, I love that last picture too- we are always laughing about something! I will pass on your best wishes to Pippa and Any. Jane xx

  2. O Jane, thank you for being such a wonderful friend! It's lovely to see the old pictures again - I'd forgotten about the pirate and being cut off by the tide...
    I miss popping in for a chat, weep or a laugh and Beetle, Andy and I are looking forward to seeing you in Devon again very soon!

    1. Thanks Pip! I miss having somebody who cries and then laughs as quickly as you and I are able to do! I'll be down to see you, Andy and Beetle before too long, I promise! Jane xxx

  3. Good friends are hard to find and well worth the effort to stay in touch with. It sounds like you will enjoy a lifetime of friendship no matter where your ships sail. Bonnie

    1. Hi Bonnie, Thank you, I do like the phrase ' where your ships sail'- Jane xx

  4. You're so lucky to have such an amazing friend. You'll miss having her so close. Wonderful pictures.

  5. Hello Diane- I'm glad you like my choice of pictures, as you can imagine there were so many to choose from! Jane xx

  6. Nothing like a best friend. I am now an ocean away from mine, but we always pick up where we left off, as if no time has passed.