Monday, 2 January 2012


A gathering of good friends and a sumptuous feast is a perfect way to celebrate the New Year.
 My friend Nicky has the most beautiful home and we decided to hold a dinner party there.

 Everybody brought along a plate of treats and I had great fun making my favourite starter

and some homemade sweets

There was a wonderful selection and when all was laid out we couldn't decide whether it looked more like a Medieval Banquet or a Sultan's Feast...

Nicky lives in a colourful, eccentric house full of her amazing paintings and murals.
Every corner is a treat for the eye

I love her cornflower mirror

and one of her newest paintings

Everybody was in the best of spirits

Sitting around the table we felt festive and fabulous!

The ladies were elegant...

And the gentlemen manly

( I asked them to look manly and this happened....)

It was a very good way to see out the old year and welcome in the new and was summed up by the rather lovely coincidence of two friends who by chance, bought each other identical Christmas presents.

Happy 2012 Everyone


  1. Happy New year lovely Jane, looks like a wonderful evening, I just love the painting of he tree's...beautiful.
    Sophie xx

  2. Looks like the most wonderful and memorable dinner party. Have a happy and healthy new year Jane.
    Jo xx

  3. It looks like a party we would have enjoyed. And I, too, liked the new painting with the aisle between the trees. Jim

  4. Hello Sophie, Jo and Jim, It was a wonderful evening. It love Nicky's work but it is her murals that are absolutely breath-taking to my mind. Perhaps I can do a piece on them this year! Have a very happy 2012 all of you! Jane X

  5. What a sparkling, warm get together. You live a lovely life, Jane. Lots of wonderful friends and wonderful times together. Blessings on the new year, Diane

  6. Wow, Jane! They really look "Manly!" Mr Darcy, eat your heart out!

    It looks like a fantastic dinner party... the kind I would enjoy: good food, drink, friends and laughter...




  7. Hello Jane
    And it looked like the party happened. The food looks delicious.
    Thanks for sharing your special evening.

    Happiest of years

    Helen xx

  8. Happy New Year Jane!
    What a lovely way to bring in the new year. Good food and the company of great friends... just perfect!
    Abby xx

  9. Hello Diane, Anna, Helen and Abby,
    I'm battling with plans for my day centre for the month ahead, so reading your lovely comments has lightened my heart!
    I'm glad you liked the picture of the men, Anna, they did make me laugh!
    Wouldn't it have been fun if we could all have got together?
    Wishing you all a wonderful 2012
    Jane xx

  10. Jane - Happy New Year! It looks as though you had a marvellous time... we too were lucky to spend the New Year with old friends. Best wishes for 2012. Carol x

  11. Thank you Carol, I'm glad you had a good evening too, have a happy 2012! Jane x

  12. The food looks delicious and creative, and how nice your friends exchanged green hearts, by chance.