Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Love not numbers

In honour of St Valentine's Day I'm posting a poem.
It's a bit of nonsense and a little risque' so if you are of a delicate disposition, please read no further...
It's sub-title is ' There's no accounting for taste' or ' The accountant's girlfriend' and it is for anybody who's partner is more keen on talking about their work, than whispering sweet nothings.

Love not Numbers

I'm in love with the lines at the edge of your eyes
and I lust at the feel of your bum.
So I suppose it might come as a slight surprise
(despite sexy thighs) that I sometimes feel glum
when your lips talk of numbers. It's such a waste
But there's no accounting for taste

I can cope with you doing a masters degree
with your exhaustion and cumulative stress
I'm quite supportive, as I'm sure you agree
when with housewifely glee, I come and clean up your mess.
I'll wear silk stockings, be the keenest of cooks
But don't talk of balancing the books.

In bed you are all that I've ever desired
playful, passionate, masterful or gentle.
Your slightest touch sometimes gets me all fired
so I'm inspired to be wicked and experimental
But one thing dear is elementary
Don't even mention 'double entry'...

I enjoy playing with rhyming schemes, so had great fun trying to fit in the double rhyme at the beginning of each forth line and I could never resist a truly dreadful pun.

May you all have a more tasteful and much more Romantic Valentine's day!


  1. lol, great poem. Very clever,very well-said. Love the dreadful pun. Happy Valentine's day!

  2. Thank you- It always feesl a bit more nerve-wracking putting one of my poems up here! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Jane xx

  3. I love it Jane, fantastic poem, sense of humour right up my street! Have a happy Valentines day.
    Jo xx

  4. Ha, that's great! Really made me chuckle.

  5. Your poem made me laugh! I loved it and wish there were far more honest and original posts like this in blogland.

    Thank you for your comment on my Snowballs post. So funny that we both used a pic of the red telephone box in the Close. But just as you missed the 'balls' so I missed the Walking Madonna snow replica. As you say, Salisbury is such a mixed place. Cx

  6. Funny, Jane, and I love your hearts and old books. Diane

  7. Hello Jane:
    We LOVE it!! But should your blog not now carry one of those Adult Content warnings?

  8. Apologies for a group 'reply' I've been in bed for a few days. I'm so pleased you liked my silly poem- many thanks to you all.Jane xxx