Saturday, 23 November 2013

Surprisingly Mellow

November can be such a trying month. Our bodies battle with vile weather and our hearts are not yet cheered by Christmas and its coming treats. In fact, for most people the sight of shops preparing is more likely to elicit a snarl rather than a smile.
This year Autumn has been kind to us. We have had grey, wet days and the dark evenings are closing in rapidly now and yet the trees are glowing still with leaves and colour.

Today I decided to create my own alternative to mincemeat. I love the idea of mince pies, yet never really enjoy eating them. So I decided to experiment.
I raided my store-cupboard for suitable ingredients-

I was particularly pleased to find these. They are crystallised orange segments brought back from Spain.What could be more Christmassy?

The result looks pretty and tastes very good, although I will have to wait and see how it mellows and settles.
But, as usual, felt compelled to change it....
If my mincemeat works I will add my recipe later!
I loved using some of the beautiful apples from my Mother's tree and the fun of rootling out old jam jars and mini Kilner jars. 

I hope I have made enough for all my mince pies and still some left over for friends

p.s. The Advent calender used as a backdrop is destined for my God daughter. I was really pleased to find such a traditional one.


  1. Glorious autumn colours. I was treated to my first mince pie this morning so Christmas has begun.

    1. I love Autumn and the run up to Christmas, hence me borrowing your quotation
      “Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.”
      George Eliot
      Thanks John!

    2. Jane, Anything as beautiful as your mincemeat has to be delicious. Your pictures are so pretty and full of autumn warmth. Diane

    3. Thank you Diane, I hope it will be a sort of cross between mincemeat and spicy jam! Jane xx

  2. I can smell and taste these photos - yummy! I need cheering up this Autumn and your post did that. thank you. x

  3. I'm glad to have cheered you but sorry you've been sad. Jane XX

  4. Hi Jane, The autumn colour is beautiful, isn't it?...and you seem to have bottled it rather nicely too! Hope the revised recipe is delicious!
    Enjoy the festive preparations,
    Niki x

  5. Oh, that looks like a perfect mincemeat recipe, not sticky and gluey and overly sweet like "traditional" mincemeat. I can really hardly eat the latter. I shall have a go at this. thank you!

  6. This sounds like a lovely recipe. I am always left with unused jars of mincemeat as like you the idea is better than the taste. Have been trying to send you the old book shop details but my email keeps being returned from yours. Could you send me one at and maybe it will let me reply. xx

    1. Hello Jane - hope you received my email it seems to have sent this time. xx

  7. Beautiful pictures of autumn. And the jam jars are so pretty!
    Hope you are having a lovely holiday season.
    Suman xx