Monday, 25 April 2016

Spring Greens

I love the moment in Spring when everything is just on the brink of bursting into leaf. The shoots, buds and new leaves are so many different shades and often there is a warm haze of purple and pink over the woodlands.

The new leaves are different colours on each tree and bush and only in Autumn does the countryside show such a variety of tones.
On my wanderings this weekend, I tried to capture as many different greens as I could find- such a pleasure!

Horse Chestnut



The verges are changed from their bedraggled winter dun colour to a rich new green where;
" Weeds in wheels, shoot long and lovely and lush"


Queen Anne's Lace

mainly Blackberry

 Bluebells and stitchwort gleam against their background of grass and beech
Patterns of ferns and a Beech avenue
Everything was glowing in the sunlight
Wheat fields and far hills are green
And the tree line is, for this short space of time, a mix of so many shades and hues, before it settles down to the uniform green of summer

" Proud pied April, dressed in all his trim,
Hath put a spirit of youth in every thing."


  1. How beautiful. I specially love the bluebell picture, but you are quite right about the mass of different colours, and not just greens. This is the most beautiful time of year, better even than autumn in my opinion. In recent years it hasn't been as sunny as I'd like but you clearly took advantage of the few days we had recently.

    1. Thank you, I was lucky to have a free day when the light was good and everything just glowed with colour. The little bluebell wood was an especially fine one, with a really thick carpet of flowers.

  2. Lovely green post, Jane.

    To answer your question on my blog - two different things chili, and peach crisp is a peach desert.

    1. Ahhhh, I thought it some extremely unusual American treat! Jane xx

  3. The new green is my favourite green of the holds such promise.

    1. I agree. It glows like a jewel in the sunlight doesn't it Marie?

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