Wednesday, 10 August 2011

A few days happy pottering

I can hardly call my wanderings an adventure when compared to my daughter's travels but I have had a very happy week.

First there was a weekend gathering of old school-friends in Suffolk-

Where the day started in sunshine and ended late as we sat out in the evening singing songs and toasting marshmallows around the fire.

On Sunday we went exploring and stayed in a lovely, old fashioned B&B

Which we found by accident, after visiting a local Church

 I loved this stained glass window
It was a busy, happy, sociable weekend.

I then took myself off to the West Country to spend a few days by myself.
I love the chance to wander at will, to explore just as the mood takes me and to indulge in some of my favourite activities- beachcombing, following winding lanes and 'treasure' hunting in car-boot sales and antique shops.
The view form my window

I pretended that this was a 'working holiday and have come home with a few interesting finds-

Old fashioned til pencil sharpener, pot, tape measure and thermometer
I'm especially pleased with this little French Thermometer, it's so quirky and it still works!

However, I still managed to spent hours peering into rock pools and collecting pebbles and shells-

I found that by visiting the beaches early in the morning  or in the evening and walking just that little bit further,  I could find solitude and space, even in this busiest of months-

August is not my favourite month for the countryside, I prefer the early summer or Autumn but I have seen some beautiful views, hidden down corners of Devonshire lanes.

I was so pleased to see the old fashioned corn stooks.

I'm back home now and feel very lucky to have had such a perfectly English summer holiday!


  1. The row of colourful beach huts is so evocative of the British seaside. However, I am amazed to see the beaches deserted, so, I assume that you like to take your walks very early in the morning, before the crowds descend.

    I have a measuring tape that looks very similar to yours. It is the type that was used by surveyors and is rather large and heavy with solid brass details. I wonder if it is worth anything.


  2. Hello Anna,
    My son liked the beach hut photo too. I'm sure your tape measure is worth something, I'm not certain of their prices at the moment, I haven't done my research!
    Jane x

  3. I noticed your French thermometer is in Fahrenheit scale. I thought we were the last country to use that one. Looks like you had a wonderful "working" vacation, especially the part sitting around a camp fire with friends. Jim

  4. Hi Jim,
    I still think in Farenheit for hot weather and Centigrade for cold... how mixed up is that? Sitting and singing songs from our past was such a good thing to do. At one point the 'grown ups' and the teenageres tried to out-sing each other with different songs and we ended up laughing too much to sing.
    Jane x

  5. It sounds like a wonderful holiday and the time you spent alone sounds divine. I'm glad you had such a lovely time. Diane

  6. Thank you Diane,
    It was a lovely break away. Every few months I try to take a few days off by myself. I used to find it a bit scary, holidaying alone, now it feels like a necessity! Jane x

  7. So, you went to Suffolk, too, Jane! I love your photos. England is such a fantastic place, where you really learn (as I did) to appreciate nature (I used to live in a big city, in Italy)

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos... so familiar, to me... so, so charming! the sky is so dramatic! I will have to post my pics of the sun setting over Capri, a few days ago...



  8. Hello Anna,
    I don't know Sufolk well, but the villages we discovered were beautiful. I'm glad you like my photos, I look forward to seeing yours too. Keep on enjoying your holiday!
    Jane x

  9. Hi Jane,
    I can tell from your wonderful words and beautiful photographs that you have been having such a ball! Doing all the things you love is what Summer is all about.
    I truly adore your photo of the corn stooks! Wow! I had no idea this method was still practised. Good old Devonians! :)
    Lets hope there's still some more summer to enjoy yet...Stay happy,
    Niki x

  10. Hi Niki,
    I love corn stooks too. I drove passed this opening in a hedge and glancing though, saw them. It was like a picture from the past!
    As so often happens in this life, I have come back home to a sea of troubles, but, hey ho, at least I was lucky enough to have that happy week.
    Jane x

  11. You've really had a very nice holiday, Jane. Very lovely photos! Thanks fo sharing these.

  12. Thank you Sihirli,
    I'm very lucky to live so close to such beautiful countryside and beaches.
    Jane x

  13. I love the verb 'to potter' too! Jane x

  14. You have a lot of fun words in English: groovy is a current favorite:)

  15. One of my favourites is the good old fashioned word 'Balderdash' It's such fun to use.

  16. nice pictures!

  17. Hi Jane

    You have a happy heart and see the beauty and joy in nature. Your pictures show your enthusiasm and curious personality. Wishing you many more happy wanderings along the less travelled roads
    Helen xx

  18. Hello Helen,
    Thank you so much for your kind comment. I must confess to having been a little sad and reading your kind message cheered me up and made me happier again! Jane x

  19. Hi Andressa,
    I'm glad you like my photographs. It's such a pleasure to manage to capture a scene or an emotion! Jane x

  20. Just been doing a little blog hopping and came across your blog. I was looking for some more UK Book Reviewers to follow but am side tracked into following you. I love your photographic reminders of the UK.

  21. Hello 'LindyLouMac'
    How good to read your comment. I have just had a look at your book review blog but the blooming computer won't let me become a follower... but I WILL try again! I love the way 'blog-hopping' leads to finding such interesting people,
    best wishes, Jane