Wednesday, 27 July 2011


The day has arrived.
 Passports, euros, tickets, youth hostels and song lyrics are sorted.
There has been much packing and unpacking but finally they are loaded up with rucksacks so heavy that there's a strong chance that they will just tip over and land helpless on their backs like beetles!
The house looks like a tornado has passed through and a huge pile of bacon sandwiches have been demolished
 " because everybody misses bacon sandwiches when they are abroad  "
It's all a little scary but such a wonderful adventure.
 To busk your way around Europe!
When you read of the wonderful cities they will be visiting

Amsterdam ,Berlin, Prague, Budapest (a rock festival there!!!)
Padua, Venice, Bologna, Florence and then back through France to a friend's house in Brittany

It's no wonder they look excited...
Emily, Clare and Rosa
I shall miss her of course and I am more than a little envious but, oh, I am so glad she is doing this!
May they all sing beautifully and bring home some amazing stories (only some of which I will get to hear) and come home safely with many happy memories.


  1. Hello Jane:
    What an adventurous trio! Just the thought of it all fills us with images of sore feet,poor washing facilities and inadequate loos. That has got to be asignof age since clearly none of these things iseven entering their minds!!

    They will certainly have plenty of company in Budapest for the Sziget Festival.This small island in the middle of the Danube is awash every year with an army of backpackers who all seem to have the most marvellous time. What tales they will have to tell on their return!

  2. Dear Jane and Lance, I agree with you! Although I still love to travel the thought of horrid loos and sharing dormitories fills me with dread! They are only spending a single day at the festival, as they felt a little nervous of such an unknown... and I'm sure they will have a brilliant time. Jane x

  3. Thank you and BEST of luck!

  4. Wonderful! If they find their way down to Limousin, we have tents and space and I'm sure my son would play his guitar for them! Good luck to them.

  5. I hope they have a wonderful summer! I remember seeing my son and his friend off for an Inter Rail summer in Europe. Some trepidation from me, but they had a fantastic time!

  6. Good luck!! Amazing memories, they will never forget, xx

  7. Thank you all for your 'Good Lucks'.
    I've heard they accidently booked themselves into an extremely strict Christian Youth Hostel that's bang in the centre of the Red Light District... Talk about the sublime to the ridiculous! Jane x

  8. I hope they have a safe trip and make lots of good memories.



    I remember doing the same thing myself and I also remember (not really... I was too sick!) getting a lift back from France, all the way outside my parent's where I had to recover from a bad case of cracked ribs due to being involved in a car crash somewhere in France. But... it didn't put me off travelling. Back from touring Northern Europe, my friend and I, a week or so later took off on a ferry... GREECE, HERE WE COME! It was great! I would do it again (the Greece bit! I LOVE GREECE!)
    Anyway... I'm at my Italian house, as I write, "watching" the news. Lovely and hot here... I smell the oleander as I write and take sips of my Primitivo wine. CIN CIN! I miss blogging, though!And I have to admit: Southern Europe is BEAUTIFUL! Photos when I get back!



  10. Thank you Ron for your good wishes for the girls!
    And 'Hello' to Anna,I'm glad you are having a happy visit to Italy but I miss your blogging too! I used to tour Europe on the back of my husband's Italian motor bike, oh how I loved the freedom and the smell of sunshine and herbs!
    I'm off for a few days to the west country, not sure quite where or how long but at least it's a mini adventure!
    Jane x


  11. Oh, nice post.)) Love your blog!!!.))))))

    I need your help ... Soon I am flying to Greece and I will have a two-day shopping in Athens .. You were there ever? If yes, what places you advise?

  12. Hello Mary, Thank you for your comment, it's such a shame tho' I've never been to Athens! I've only travelled to Greece during the middle of Summer and never dared venture into the heat of Athens in August.
    Do tell me how you get on!
    Best wishes, Jane x

  13. this is fantastic! such a great thing to do. Slightly jealous!!

  14. Hello Claire,
    Thank you for your message. From texts and a couple of phone calls it seems they are having an amazing time. There have been set-backs - getting lost, having purses stolen and, as far as I can tell, almost no sleep... but it's a wonderful experience for them.
    Jane x