Friday, 8 July 2011

A Tale of Two Cities... ( Paris, 2nd Version)

We decided that we would move immediately into Paris time when boarding Eurostar... which mean that it was past 6 o'clock and we could open the champagne!  A 'Mothers Day' gift from my parents, this seemed the perfect occasion.
We had booked a studio apartment but due to its rather eccentric rules we had to pick up our keys from a metro station. We were informed-

" Go to the platform on line 6, heading towards Charles de Gaulle, there a man will meet you at 20.00 hours. He will be holding a beige envelope. Hand over the 25 euros and he will give you your keys"

 It felt as if we were taking part in a low budget spy film but to my great relief everything went like clockwork!

We were expecting the studio to be small but everything in the building was crammed into the smallest possible space! The lift was minute but our apartment being 6 floors up, we took our life and our luggage into our hands ...

and arrived... it was tiny but just so French!

We both know Paris well, so this was to be a working holiday. Next morning we headed to Antique Lover's heaven-

One look at the prices however sent us scurrying outside to places more suited to our meagre pockets!

Here we had some great finds-

Stopping only for some light refreshment-

 Truthfully, we spent rather a lot of our time 'refreshing' ourselves.

This was breakfast...

This a light lunch...
It's probably a good thing that there are no photographic records of our sumptuous suppers!

We did walk however, if fact I think we walked the length and breadth of Paris-

Our shoes had to be rested outside at night...

Oh, but we DID enjoy ourselves, I'm so lucky to have such a lovely daughter!

With love and thanks to Emily for her company and her photographs.


  1. Deja vu Jane!
    Your apartment is just like my daughters in Paris....a tiny studio with a precipitous "balcony" and tiny lift....
    You MUST have cakes for breakfast or almond croissants and as for is indeed the best way to see Paris.
    Looks like you had a wonderful time just the two of you. Happy memories...
    Julie x

  2. Hello Jane:
    How wonderfully and imaginatively presented are the two parts of this account of your recent visit to Paris. The first in black and white, so suggestive of that romantic city, of Gauloise, of Maigret, of Edith Piaf, and the second with all the harsh reality which full colour brings to our lives.

    But, a superb record of what was so obviously a very happy time for you both.

  3. Dear Julie, Jane and Lance,
    I'm glad you like my two accounts. When Emmie and I looked over our photographs, we were amused by how varied they were and the idea of the two stories took root in my mind! It was also to tease myself a little, as it's tempting to be just a bit too 'arty' when blogging.... Jane x

  4. As both of my kids have been to Paris very recently, OH and I feel we are overdue a visit.

    Looking at your lovely blog has whetted my appetite even more: I love the black and version too - very atmospheric!

  5. Very nice, Jane! You brought back memories... must go back there! In the meantime, I am going to really enjoy Italy, with its blue skies and hot sun. When I went to Paris (it was August) from Italy, I found it extremely cold! What a shock... but nice...

    Thank you for sharing your lovely photos and a bit of your experience, Jane! They are lovely photos. Love the buildings! Did you go to Montmarte? It was my favourite part of Paris.

    Have a nice weekend.


  6. We did go to Montmatre, the first place I ever remember visiting in Paris when I was 14. Emily loved the Latin Quater where the students live best! It was a great holiday. Jane x

  7. Very nice walk through Paris...
    Enjoy !


  8. Thank you Pierre, I enjoyed looking at some of your Parisian photographs too!