Monday, 4 July 2011

A gentle day of filled with crafts, colour and quite a few mugs of tea!

I always enjoy having a stall, be it at a serious book fair, a flea market or village fete. It's blooming hard work, with all the loading and hefting of boxes but then I am rewarded with the joy of setting up my table. I tweak and fiddle and finally it pleases me.... and then I go and sell something and the balance is altered, so I happily start shifting everything again!
Two Andrew Lang's and a couple of my other favourite books

As you can see, I have have a motley collection...

The other stall holders were mainly crafts-people. Kate runs The Cygnet at Swan Yard and sat happily in the sunshine sewing on individual pearl beads onto her beautiful silk scarves-

The beads were tempting and I treated myself to a scoop of these sea green ones-

There were subtle patterns-

Kaye Mash

Pat Chandler
Some exuberant colours-

Debbie Hudson

And some very English sights-

 It was a good way to spend a summer's Saturday.

My particular favourites


  1. You display and colour co-ordinate your merchandize so beautifully. Thanks for the interesting post.

  2. Hello Bonnie and Helen,
    How good to hear from you. I do follow a bit of a colour scheme, Helen, I enjoy it and it helps me choose from a large colection of things, when deciding what to take to a fair! I'm glad you like my books Bonnie, they are always close to my heart. Jane x

  3. Hello Jane

    I would love to look through all your titles, but alas, I am so far away. So, please show us more.


  4. Boxes of books - oh yes! How to get a bad back and ruin the car suspension... I don't do many book sales now ;)

    I love the covers of books - I particularly like 'Flowers' but I'm a sucker for an old cookery book too - 'Home Baked' looks rather inviting!

  5. Oh, your books are wonderful, Jane! I especially want to peek inside the 'Flowers' book! Looks like you had a very lovely day! :)
    ~ Zuzu

  6. I'm glad you like the look of my books,as I am a bookseller first and formost! I'm at the monthly bookfair in Winchester on 23rd July and hope to do a proper piece on them then. Jane x

  7. It's so charming and so... England, Jane! I love it all! I have a FLOWERS book just like the one in the photo.

    Nothing like a beautiful sunny day in England, when people come out all dressed for the "occasion," determined to soak up every luttle ray of sunshine as they know that tomorrow Winter might come back!

    Very nice pictures, Jane! The man with the hat is very English... and... I can't see without my glasses, so, sorry for any funny spellings!


  8. Anybody who calls herself The Booklady makes me curious. I saw your comment on Wayfarer.

    You should come to Shropshire villages, particularly mine; it's full of book lovers, buyers and sellers and there is not a single charity fundraiser where there is not a decent book table.

  9. I became known as the Booklady (and the Herblady) locally after giving talks and demonstrations in local schools. It's what the children called me!
    The Shropshire vilages sound well worth visiting and exploring, especially during the summer fete and fair months.

  10. Hello Anna, Lovely to hear from you. We are like minds with our book collections! I have my own copy, given to me by my grandfather and much treasured.
    I'm glad you like my pictures, I had such fun trying to capture the spirirt of the day. Jane x

  11. lovely blog here, i love your garden ;0) how dreamy x

  12. As an ex-pat living in New York, your blog comes as a breath of lovely English air.
    Yes, books are utterly addictive and the covers so very beautiful....
    I will hope to keep up with your blog!

  13. Hello Kazzy and Elizabeth, I'm glad you like my blog, lovely to hear from you. Jane x