Monday, 12 December 2011

101 Things to Prepare before Christmas and I did this.....

I'm a bit late getting my Christmas spirit this year but I'm hoping that the return home of the Emily in all her glory and the successful Christmas Dinners x 2 at my Day Centre this week will put me in the right frame of mind. Sam is already buzzing with excitement (and exhaustion) as he is in the Pantomime. It's the big, proper professional one and as one of the Youth Group he has to work blooming hard... 24 performances left to do!
Well, I felt like a bit of fun, so abandoning housework and all other more sensible Christmas preparations, I decided to decorate the tiny crab apple tree in our courtyard garden.

I have sometimes strung up a tasteful collection of white lights but this year I thought I'd go for the natural look...
Using all my imagination and a slightly silly sense of humour I came up with this collection-

They were rather fiddly to make but I did enjoy myself!

I may add a few more but now I really must go and sweep up the mess I've made!


  1. Oh, I love your little courtyard garden, looking forward to other pictures of it in the different seasons. Very cute and colorful tree decorations. Sometimes you just have to do something because you want to. Your house sounds SO busy right now. Enjoy the day and week and thanks for the comments. Diane

  2. I love your vegetable tree...I have a feeling Christmas is coming whether we want it or not, so if you feel like making veg decorations then go for it!!! in fact I might just join you :-)
    big hugs
    Sophie x

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  4. Thank you Diane and Sophie. I was right to decorate my little tree, it made me happy and when I popped out to have a last look at it before dark, I was smiling! Jane x
    ps. previos postremoved beacuase I wrote, 'pooped' instead of 'popped'.....

  5. Looks fabulous Jane, I love your veggie decorations and I bet the birds will too! Have a great week.
    Jo xx

  6. What a lovely idea!!!

    A very healthy tree!


    ♥ Franka

  7. Jane....

    This has to be telepathy! Today I brought home some crabapples to decorate my big cherry tree with. I was also going to use pop corn and fat balls with red bows, for all my lovely birds!

    I love your tree... looks fantastic! I'll do mine tomorrow!



  8. Hello Hesta and Franka, I'm glad you like my eccentric tree, the sprouts and carrots do look so funny! Jane x

  9. Anna, I love the idea of us both decorating our trees, both having had the same idea at the same time! I may snaffle your idea of the fat balls with bows on....
    love Jane x

  10. Anna, I love the thought of us both having the same idea and decorating our trees in the same way at different ends of the country!
    I may snaffle your idea of the fat balls with bows on....
    love Jane x

  11. Very interesting idea!i like it!
    i have a new post) thanks for a comment)

  12. My blog is going wierd and keeps telling me I haven't posted when I have! J x

  13. Hello Jane:
    What fun!! We have to say that your crab apple tree really did make us smile. Definitely different and tasteful in quite an alternative way.

  14. Hello Jane
    What a fabulous assortment of edibles to decorate your tree with, and such a great idea!
    I hope Sam enjoys being in the pantomime. It is hard work but lots of fun too.
    Thank you for your words of support for RDA, it is much appreciated.
    Abby xx

  15. Great idea, looks lovely and the birds will have a Christmas lunch too!

    Bye the way, we are still eating the persimmons at a rate of 3 or 4 each a day, and the tree is STILL full of them. They look just like Christmas baubles hanging there. Another week or two they'll go over and the birds will have their feast.

  16. I believe the birds and maybe other creatures will adore your Christmas garlands. I truly have to get motivated to do something other than a wreath on the door. Enjoy your Emily!

  17. Fetching, and I'm sure the birds will appreciate your contribution to their winter food supply. Jim

  18. I'm glad my tree made everybody smile, I'm looking forward to the children's amusment when they see it. This is just the quickest of hellos and thank you's as I'm just about to pop in a post about my wreaths...Jane x