Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Happiness in Making Wreaths

However I'm feeling- crotchety, sad or tired- whenever I make a wreath I become calm and contented. I like building up its shape and choosing colours, gathering the plants and herbs and then working with them. I make wreaths all year round, to mark the seasons and always have one on my door, if only a plain twist of creeper.
These two are very traditional but please me none the less. I have made the bases out of Honeysuckle, Virginia Creeper and an overgrown Jasmine. I'm always aware of what is growing in the nearby hedges, gardens and woodlands- and at Christmas I get a particularly acquisitive gleam in my eye...
My first is for the back door that opens onto our little courtyard garden and I wanted simple mistletoe against the white. I'm so lucky to have an almost unlimited supply. David has an old orchard behind his cottage and the trees are weighed down with mistletoe balls.

Our lovely crimson front door calls out for a mixed wreath with lots of bright berries-

I hasten to add that I do only pick a few bits and bobs and I always ask first!


  1. Hello Jane:
    How charming and elegant your wreaths look. Their simplicity of form and content appeals to us greatly.

    The mistletoe was a wistful reminder of the apple orchards of Herefordshire where we once lived and gardened and which were laden with Mistletoe at this time of year.

  2. Hello Jane

    Both doors look spectacular. Your red door is particularly festive and welcoming at this time of year.

    Helen xx

  3. Very pretty, Jane. Doing something creative always has a calming effect on me, as well. I once said that my mood was directly proportional to how much sawdust I had made. Jim

  4. They are so beautiful, Jane! And, I must say... you are very polite, too... you ask first! I should really take lessons from you...

    I, too, love your crinson door... it's really gorgeous. Good job you put the mistletoe on your back door, otherwise, you would have had to kiss the postman every time he came to your door!

    You clever lady!



  5. Hello Jane and Lance, My sister in law lives in Herefordshire beside a large, old and overgrown orchard, it is the first place that I ever saw masses of mistletoe! Jane x

  6. Hi Jim, I agree with your comment about sawdust, with me it's probably a floor scattered with leaves and petals. Jane x

  7. Hello Anna, I can't believe you are ever less than polite! Actually, everybody comes to the house via the back door, so I will have to do a lot of kissing... Jane x

  8. Hi,I have made my own wreaths for a few yrs now and find it very relaxing collecting all the greenery and making it.Yours are lovely.Love Jill xx

  9. I adore the wreaths. You are so creative, and I am envious. Your red door is wonderful! I agree, you made the perfect wreath. Bonnie

  10. Your choices for these two doors are just perfect. The one on the white door is beautiful and understated and the one on the red one says CHRISTMAS! I like to make wreaths, too, and I agree with you about the peace. We're blessed with Virginia Creeper which I can trim to my heart's content. Lovely post. Diane

  11. Hello Jill, Bonnie and Diane,
    They are such pleasing decorations aren't they? I had been feeling very low as a combination of a failed MOT and £700 bill on the car and my paypal account being hacked into to the tune of £1000 put me in a very un-Christmassy mood. But making the wreaths calmed me down and made me realise most things are copable! Jane x

  12. wow! so amazing! very beautiful!like if very much!

    i have a new post! thanks for a comment!)

  13. Hi Jane,
    You are a woman of many talents. The mistletoe wreath is beautifully simple on your white door - I love it. Lovely to get back to nature now and then in this busy world, isn't it?...
    Have fun with the rest of your preparations,

  14. Hi Lena, Niki and Linnea,
    It is important to get back to nature and do a few, simple and gentle preparations for Christmas, so that it isn't all a mad rush!
    Have a Happy Christmas too
    Jane x

  15. That pretty little red door with a tastefully designed wreath looks so inviting, particularly since I know there lie loads of antique books in the treasure rooms within. You will find me knocking at the door soon....

  16. Hello ravindra, Wouldn't be lovely for al our friends from far away to meet up together at a wonderful Christmas Party? Jane x

  17. Hi Jane, your wreaths are beautiful, so abundant! I love your natural decorations in your previous post, the carrots and sprouts made me smile!

    Thankyou for your kind comments, I do apologise for the delay in getting back to you. My computer has been in the repair shop for the past week. I am so relieved to have it back, but have a lot of catching up to do! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, with much love, Linda x

  18. Hi Linda, Lovely to hear from you, especially in this manic run up to Christmas! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas too,
    love Jane xx

  19. Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year Linnea! Jane x