Saturday, 15 February 2014

How to spend a happy day

I have been enjoying myself recently, as my visit to Semely Auctions and Shepton Mallet flea market has meant I've lots of  new stock. In my last post I showed my books at Dairy House Antiques, so today I thought I'd share my day at Vintage et al‎ in Warminster.
It's always a pleasure to go there.
This time, there were home-made cakes to tempt me-

and yes, I succumbed!

I have quite a small space but I've recently added a new chest of drawers and bookcase which are now crammed with treasures

This is a lovely edition of the well-loved classic 'Lorna Doone' with beautiful coloured plates of the Devonshire countryside

It's fun to have somewhere to show my vintage finds-

This little evening bag has a matching silk covered mirror inside

I'm pleased with how I've managed to squeeze everything in!

The shop is divided between various dealers' stock and part of the charm is the very different things on sale there.
I fell in love with these beautiful lights-

and unusual wall sconces-

Everywhere you look there are things to tempt...

There are usually other stall holders happily at work

And we all have such fun together!

It's quite a new venture but the shop is gaining more and more happy customers every week and I'm really looking forward to the year ahead-
Let's raise our cups to that!

p.s. I'm off to the beautiful Italian city of Lucca for a week's holiday with my son Sam tomorrow. I hope to be able to post from his computer but we'll see...


  1. Wishing you a wonderful holiday!
    Once again you are showing some lovely items...Ah, those books... They don;t make these anymore! How sad!
    A warm hello from the Pacific NW,

  2. Hello Noelle, How lovely to think of your good wishes from so far away, I hope you have a happy week too. Jane xx

  3. Ah, Jane, if I could sidle into the photograph I would definitely be looking at your books, there are some intriguing looking volumes. I haven't noticed if you go to Hungerford Arcade. It's not too far from you and defo the best arcade I know, although the one in Yoxford, Suffolk, is starting to run it a close second. And there was a wonderful one in Mansfield, Notts... Having said that, Warminster looks delightful, and the cakes are an extra attraction. Wonder when I'll next be in that neck of the woods....

  4. Oh! Lucca! Love it! I was there in 1982 - driving round the walled part, looking for a petrol station - found an automatic dispensing place but my 5,000 lira note was too scrunched up to go into the slot! Anyway, didn't put me off at all, such a beautiful place, I'm always saying I'll go back but haven't yet... Enjoy your holiday! x

  5. have a great holiday. . .coming back with any books??

  6. It's so much more fun, shopping in a vintage emporium - I covet that little evening bag! Have a great holiday and let us know how you liked Lucca - it is on my list of places I want to visit.

  7. You have such lovely things - I hope you are blessed with good fortune there. Have fun on your trip. Diane

  8. Have a wonderful time with Sam and sunshine and no rain! I love your Lorna Doone. Karen xx

  9. Just the quickest of hello's and a 'thank you' for all your lovely messages. Just back from a wonderful week with Sam in Lucca. As soon as I've caught up with myself I'll tell you all about it! Jane xx