Thursday, 31 July 2014

Pretty Nostalgic Magazine is starting a new Venture

I have supported this wonderful Magazine from their very first issue.
 Their ethos of:

' Spend Wisely, Waste Less and Appreciate More'

 resonates with me, as I try to appreciate the simple pleasures in life

I do feel a particular loyalty to them as they published an article by me about disappearing bookshops and the joy of Antiquarian books!

They are planning to change from being a bi-monthly magazine to a society, publishing a book quarterly for their members.
Nicole Burnett who produces Pretty Nostalgic says

we want to turn from a magazine into a society and get lovely, crafty, hands-on, creative and British history and vintage loving people together and publish beautiful books which wont be sold on Amazon! "

My vintage loving friends
I have enjoyed my copies of the magazine immensely. They are filled with a variety of articles on social history, crafts, Vintage treasures, cookery, beauty. My favourites are the detailed and quirky descriptions of towns in Britain. An insider's hints on the best independent shops, quirky corners and best restaurants.

There is now a Kickstarter Campaign to make this new venture possible
Nicole explains-

For the past two years we have produced a beautifully printed and independent, vintage home and lifestyle magazine but now we want to transform into a society!
The Pretty Nostalgic Society will continue to publish great British content, but now we will now publish a quarterly book called the Pretty Nostalgic Compendium instead of our magazine, and we hope to do much more!
We need to raise at least £8,000 to print more copies of our future Compendia which will allow us to be stocked in a wider variety of independent shops, to recruit new members and to promote our Pretty Nostalgic Society at the brilliant Goodwood Revival in September.

Here is the link if you would like to know more
Please pass on to any friends who you feel might be interested- we have until
Wednesday August 20th 2014
to succeed!

My apologies for slightly random photographs and constant changes in font - I've been having trouble with my computer and yet wanted to post this ASAP!
Jane x


  1. That magazine and soon to be society publishing a quarterly book sounds like a notable endeavor. Like you, I appreciate antiquarian books and used book shops. My brother ran a shop in Connecticut in an historic building. I hope they have a success in their fund raiser.

  2. Hello Jane,

    Well, we had not heard of this publication but this all sounds to be a most interesting enterprise. The idea of a 'Pretty Nostalgic Society' sounds a good one to us and, in our experience in the Blogosphere there are many people for whom this would prove to be of interest.

    Publishing is such a difficult business these days but we do believe that if you have a good idea there is a readership out there waiting.....Good luck!

  3. Happy Birthday to Sam - hope he had a wonderful time. Lovely to catch up with your posts as I have been having an internet free few weeks. I have subscribed to Pretty Nostalgic since its first issue too and hope its new plans are successful as it would be such a shame for it to disappear altogether. Hope you are having a lovely summer Jane. xx

  4. I had never heard of Pretty Nostalgic but it sounds like my kind of thing.