Monday, 28 July 2014

Summertime and the living is easy....

I have written of and photographed the wonderful Larmer Tree festival before. This year was special as my son Sam celebrated his 18th Birthday. I remember it so well, lumbering around the festival 18 years ago, 'cow heavy and floral' in the coolest dress I could wear. He is now rather disappointed in me in that I didn't give birth to him in the midst of the festival- as that would have been 'very cool'....( Hmm, not for me, I think!).

I was also proud and excited because Emily and her friends were one of the theatrical street performer acts who add such an eccentric and quirky feel to the festival. They were the characters from 'The Wizard of Oz' - dancing and singing as they tried to find their way back home

The tin man is rusty

The cowardly lion manages a scary roar

'Follow the Yellow Brick Road'

 I love all the performers. You never know what you might see-

Every year the vital joys are the same-

 The Wishing Tree

Colourful decorations everywhere

The Peacocks

Great music on the Main Lawn
 David and I were running my workshop as usual- our perfumed pomanders proved very popular

David showed how you could wear one and still remain manly

And some are destined to freshen the muddiest of boots!

I even had the chance to take part in a workshop myself- my fish is the unfinished one...

One of my favourite parts of the festival is ' Dress up Saturday'. A different theme is chosen every year and this year it was' Four Corners of the World'

I was a French Can-can dancer but this is all I am prepared to reveal to you of my costume, as my basque caused  a ' Jane is busting out all over' problem...

David was an Englishman on holiday

Part of the fun is seeing other people's costumes

This year I had the added amusement of watching the press cameramen and women at work...

Stalking their prey

Moving in for that perfect shot

And finally, good-naturedly, having the tables turned on them!

This year the weather was kind to us, although when the occasional thunderstorm occurs it is always best to be prepared

The Larmer Tree festival is the perfect place for families and friends to get together, away from the troubles of the world

David and Ben

Father and daughter

Father and son
I love to watch people and especially the children, who make the festival such a magical place. 

There were lots of beards

Tails were the accessory

I think this last photograph sums up the festival this year

Summertime, and the living is easy...


  1. I find it so rare nowadays to find authentic, laid-back and simple fun for the whole family. Would have loved to see your can-can outfit though !!

    1. Thank you, it is a very special festival. As to my costume- I'm quite an extrovert but even I felt it was a bit too risque' ! Jane xx

  2. Goodness! it looks absolutely amazing. I had not read your previous post about it. It's nice when people just want to fool around and have fun.

    1. I agree Jenny, it feels like you are in a magical place and can just relax and play and dress up! Jane xx

  3. Looks like a wonderful day. Agree - that last photograph is priceless!

    1. Thanks Mike, I love trying to take the photographs that capture what I was feeling in a situation. Jane xx

  4. What a marvelous time that must have been, Jane. The colors and interesting things sound like a feast for the eyes. Enjoy the rest of your summer. Diane

    1. It was a very happy weekend, I think it was one of the best festivals! Hope you are enjoying your summer too. Jane xx

  5. Jane, it sounds like such fun! People watching is always one of my favorite activities. Have a great week! B

    1. Thank you Bonnie, David and I always love a good people-watch! Jane xx

  6. It all looks great fun and so colourful - wish I lived in the South West! It's nice too to have that continuous thread in your life and memories that link up.

    1. You are so right Marianne, part of the joy of this festival is the memories of so many happy summer days spent there, over the years. Jane xx

  7. Hi Jane, My seaside snap was actually Beer in Devon. Looks like your having a wonderful summer. Best wishes from Eco Ethel xx

    1. Thanks Ethel, I often go to Devon and must now explore Beer. Have a happy August. Jane xx