Sunday, 6 December 2015

Advent photographs | Stormy Seas

We were lucky down South and the only effect from the dreadful storms this weekend is some splendid surf at Chesil beach and Portland Bill. David knows how much I love wave watching, so he dragged me out of bed early this morning and we headed to the coast.

It was blowy and blustery and at one point my glasses were blown off and we had a nerve-wracking ten minutes desperately searching the shingle...

I love watching for big waves to roll up and trying to capture that vital moment when they crash over and you can feel their power trembling through the beach.

We were nearly blown inside out and soon turned with relief to a warm restaurant and a traditional Sunday Lunch. Thanks to David we have spent perfect winter's day.  


  1. If you get the chance to go to Point Lobos on California's big sur coast, you will be able to watch waves galore, absolutely mesmerising. It's a romantic protected landscape too so in its pristine state, although there are footpaths.

    1. This is such a late reply but thank you! One day I would love to see those waves!