Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Advent Photographs | The first Christmas decoration

I have un-earthed the battered shoe box and carefully unwrapped the newspaper. I was relieved to find all the figures of my Nativity set are safe and sound. It's actually a mixture of two sets, as we broke a Wise Man, so had to buy another. This means we have down-graded one Joseph to a shepherd and have a lot more animals!

 In place on the bookshelf

The Three Kings have still got a long journey ahead

The Shepherds are a-watching

Kneeling Mary is carefully balanced on the donkey for her journey

The beasts in the stable are waiting patiently

All is exactly as it should be and I have no doubt that when Emily and Sam come home for Christmas, there will be the usual arguments as to who gets to move the little figures ever closer.
Baby Jesus is hidden away until Midnight on Christmas Eve.
This is one of our most magical Christmas customs and now I'm started to feel those little tingles of excitement, as the Festival draws near.


  1. There is nothing like a festive custom to make you feel good. It was so nice decorating the tree, with helping (or hindering) little hands too.

    1. I agree, I'm doing the tree this weekend with my son (although he's quite a big one!) helping.

  2. The festive customs in our life are more important than we think, aren't they? I have learned that this year - they keep our holidays knitted together when our lives have fallen apart. Diane

    1. I found the old customs helped when my family fell apart, they're like 'one step at a time' to get through the difficult times.

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