Monday, 27 June 2011

A rose, good friends and wine...

Finally a Sunday dawned hot and sunny. With no work it seemed the perfect opportunity to have a little gathering....The wine was chilled, the heat and light started to fade and my friends began to arrive. It was soon decided that this party was to be in honour of my favourite rose and that we would choose a name for her.

There was much discussion, some serious, some silly and my lovely rose was sniffed, twirled and looked at from every angle!

 We  wanted to capture the idea of the multitude of frilly petals and our fondness for her.
So we drank some more wine, did a little research...

And finally came up with
We liked the idea of  Mille Fleur, my daughter's childhood name was Millie and perhaps after all the wine we were feeling a little sentimental. A fine name in the true tradition of English Rose Names we
decided proudly!

Altogether, it was a lovely mid-summer's evening and one to remember.


  1. Welcome back, Jane! I hope you had a fantastic time in Paris! Well... your lovely comments were missed and so were your nice posts.

    Next time you have a party, can I come? It looks as if you all had a fantastic time and... you came up with a name for the rose! Darling Millie is really a charming name.

    I like your photos... and your friends seem really nice!



  2. Thank you Anna, I had a wonderful time in Paris (and will write of it soon) but it is good to be home. I wish you could have come to the party,my friends and I would have been so pleased! I'm glad you approve of the name. Jane x

  3. A perfect name Darling Millie for this beautiful rose. A perfect theme for a summer party.
    I love the bohemian feel of your party
    To a great week
    Helen Tilston

  4. Hello Helen, you are spot on about my party. There are lots of artists, sculptors and eccentric self-employed people (like myself)living here and we like to think of ourselves as a rather bohemian community!
    Have a happy week. Jane x

  5. Hello Jane:
    What a jolly gathering this looks to have been. And, all those great minds have certainly conjured up a perfect name for your pretty Rose. It is not often that the weather in England permits sitting outside late into the evening, so absolutely perfect to have arranged an impromptu party. They are always the best!

  6. Hello Jane and Lance, Wasn't I lucky indeed? The lovely day seemed to make everybody happy and to my mind there is nothing like an impromptu party with something to celebrate that puts people in a great mood! Jane x

  7. Hi Jane, what a great looking party it is! Well done on chosing 'Darling Millie' for your lovely rose, it does suit it I think. Thankyou for your lovely comments and roll on more 'Bohemian' parties! Love Linda x

  8. I just discovered your blog. I couldn't resist checking out a blog written by a "booklady". Reading is one of my obsessions. You have a lovely blog. I look forward to keeping up. Your evening with friends sounds delightful.

  9. Hello Jane, I hope you had a wonderful trip to Paris.
    What a lovely post, lots of happy faces and everyone clearly enjoying each others company. How nice to be able to sit outside on a warm evening, something we do not get the opportunity to do much in this country!
    Thank you so much for your comments on my post.
    Abby x

  10. Just adorable - I love your choice of names - is this the rose which you were trying to name several posts ago?

    I have a special fondness for Millie, the name of a dear friend's daughter (in England, actually :)

    With you in spirit at your sweet garden party!

  11. Thank you all, I'm so glad you like our choice of name and yes, it is the un-identified rose that was the subject of one of my earlier blogs,now no longer nameless! Having this little party has made me feel more sociable, so I hope the weather is kind and I can sit outside on a warm evening with friends all through the summer months. Just a little note, I'm having trouble with becoming a follower at the moment, so hope it all sorts out soon and I can connect to some newly made blogging friends...Jane x

  12. Looks like you guys are having a good time:)

  13. Hi Toyin O. It was a happy party, quite small and gentle really but we were all in the right mood, which makes all the difference. Jane x

  14. I'm so pleased the nameless Rose now has such a beautiful name. It looks like a really perfect way to spend Mid Summer's eve, with the good company of friends xx

  15. Thanks so much for visiting my blog Jane. Yours is just so lovely. I think your party looks lovely - friends having a beautiful time. And your gardens.......I would like to wander through or sit on your bench just taking it all in. Diane

  16. Hello Sophie and Diane,
    Thank you for visiting. It was such a mellow evening and to come up with a good name for my rose made it perfect! Jane x

  17. Hello Jane, I seem to have stumbled in to the tale end of the party here & having scrolled down your page a way was amused to find your feathers in the washing machine warnings. I thought, if you had a minute you may want to visit with my own overwhelming recent feathery encounter: Very pretty Darling Milly..nice that she's scented & "old" & elusive. Catherine

  18. Hello Catherine, How nice to hear from you and to find your blog too! Jane x