Monday, 6 June 2011

A series of damp disasters....

1) If you buy a secondhand eiderdown and wish to wash it in your machine, check that it doesn't have any    
holes in it
2) Scooping out masses of feathers from the washing machine and even hoovering it out will not save you from disaster
3) Putting rinse only setting will only result in machine vomiting water from all areas
4) Emptying machine with a plastic jug, locating bunged up filter, unblocking filter is a long, messy and soggy business
and finally -
6)With a still ill machine, how do I wash the dozens of dirty, feathery, wet towels I used to stem the torrent...?


  1. Hello Jane:
    We detect there is a moral to this tale!!

    Eiderdowns, or at least second hand ones, and washing machines are clearly a 'no go' area. Thank you for the warning.

  2. Hi Jane and Lance,
    I can laugh about it this morning! I've washed dozens before, I can't belive I was so foolish not to check this one over beforehand...Jane

  3. Just found your blog this morning via Abby at My Spotty Pony....that sounds like a feather nightmare!
    I have never had an explosion from an eiderdown yet, but I will be checking them more carefully from now on.
    I too will be in Paris weekend, can't wait.
    Julie x

  4. I am glad that I am not the only one to do such things! I have been known to bust the odd washing machine. Good luck with the clean-up. Love Linda x

  5. Hello Linda and Julie, How cheering to hear from you! I think all is sorted now but no doubt feathers will keep appearing from odd corners for months to come. The idea of that seeing a feather signifys an Angel's visit now seems rather humorous!

  6. How I feel for you Jane. I did the same thing, and found feathers in and on everything for many months after the washing incident.
    Your "Angel" comment did make me smile.
    Abby x

  7. Hi Abby, I'm glad I'm not the only one! Jane x

  8. Oh dear, we know that feeling of "And now a gigantic mess must be cleaned up"... Rather derailing, but sounds like you are back on track.

  9. Thank you, I do feel derailed, it's taken up so much time! Today, the final cleaning up begins... I think everything has dried off....