Sunday, 5 June 2011

Hidden corners from the Arts Trail

Over the last few days I have been slipping away from daily tasks and following a local arts trail with one of my friends. We have found perfect country cottages, visited studios and workshops, explored gardens and found ourselves down some very small winding lanes!. We've enjoyed tea and cakes in people's kitchens and discovered some extraordinary works of art. I love the whole idea of arts trails, where people can open up their homes and studios and exhibit such a wide selection of work. Everybody seems to be enjoying themselves. I haven't photographed any whole works for art for this blog (as that seems rude, to say the least) but here are a few pictures to give a hint of our explorations...


  1. Hello Jane:
    We cannot think of a more delightful way of spending days. To find oneself meandering through the English countryside, down narrow, twisting lanes, and then happening upon some near secret, hidden gem seems to us to be a near perfect existence.

    And just as with the Brighton 'Open House' [about which we have touched upon in our most recent post], it is quite remarkable what extraordinary talent exists in the least likely of places.

    As for homemade teas, now that is also something very English and very satisfying.

  2. Yes... true! Cream tea, roses, thatched cottages, birds singing... never mind the rain... occasionally! Only add to the beauty of the place and makes the grass greener than anywhere else!

    Lovely photos, Jane! I love your part of the world, but Norfolk isn't bad, either.

    As I write I'm listening to the birds, enjoying the sun and thinking that life isn't that bad, after all.

    There is a lot of creative talent everywhere you look, especially when you are surrounded by so much beauty!

  3. Hello Jane
    Thank you for following my blog and I am delighted to have discovered yours too.
    Your pictures are lovely and I am quiet envious of the glorious weather you seem to be blessed with in the south of England. The last few days in Northumberland have been a cool 11C, and it has rained most of today too.
    The Art Tour here starts next weekend. I totally agree with you, it is a wonderful way to discover the works of so many talented people who live locally. And such a bonus if a home baked scone and a cup of tea is offered while admiring beautiful paintings.

  4. Hello Jane
    What a perfect day. A friend to accompany you as you journey through such beautiful scenery and discovering artists and neighbours and then topping it off with tea and scones. That certainly makes for sweet dreams.
    Thanks for sharing your weekend with us
    Helen Tilston

  5. Beautiful shots, Jane. Enjoyed the tour. Jim

  6. Thank you all for your kind comments. It has been such fun and as the weather has now turned to rain and muggyness, I'm so glad I took the chance when I did! I'm part of the Salisbury Arts Trail in October, which I'm already looking forward to and excited about.

  7. An Art trail, what fun. Your photos are lovely. Love Linda

  8. Thank you Linda, I had such an enjoyable afternoon! Jane x