Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Down the garden path

My short walk through the garden to feed my hens is always a pleasure but at this time of year everything is just 'bursting out all over' ! Every day roses are coming into bloom and everything is shooting. As Manley Hopkins says in his poem Spring-

" when weeds, in wheels shoot long and lovely and lush"

 Some tidy people seem to feel an urge to chop back and tie up when seeing my lovely chaos but I ususally resist their logic.
Most days friends from our terrace lure each other into our gardens to see or smell a new flower that is ' just at its best'... 


  1. Jane, I love your cottage garden... A symphony of colours! I love "big" plants, too! And I can travel back in time, just smelling the scent of a rose. Nothing more beautiful... perfection! I love your poppies, too, in varying shades of pink and red. They look so casually elegant, don't they? And I would love to have hens... they're so cute!

  2. I think picking a bunch of roses and breathing in their amazing fragrence has to be one of my favourite pleasures in life. I must get a Rosa Mundi as you have Anna. I do have a very old rose that nobody can name growing in the hedge between gardens. It's not out yet but I will post a picture of it in the next few days and see if you can identify it.
    The poppies grow really well here and I'm always looking out for new colours.
    ps. The hens were sunbathing earlier,and looking so funny!

  3. You have sunbathing hens, Jane! Well... Britain does have talent, after all! Is one of them called Cheryl Cole, by any chance? Has she finally discovered a very well hidden talent?

    I wish I could have seen your hens... they sound funny! Really!

    I would like to see your rose, but I am not an expert. I have had my Rosa Mundi for a long time, now. I love old fashioned ramblers, though. They are so pretty. All my roses are pink, from really pale, to fuchsia. I love them all. My white rose (I do have a white one!) Diana is very elegant and has perfect flowers on long stems. They look beautiful in my old rose bowls and are so fragrant!

  4. Just discovered your blog through a Bloomsbury Life
    - I love your garden and I am looking forward to returning to read some of your earlier posts.


  5. Hello Helen, how lovely to hear from you. I already love the connections made by blogging, it's such fun follwing the thoughts and photographs of like-minded people! I shall be a follower of you too!

  6. Hello Jane:
    Even before we have had time to publish, and reply, to your comment and following of our blog, for which many thanks, we felt that we should immediately speed over to you, and we are so delighted that we did.

    You very clearly lead such an interesting life surrounded with all manner of goodly things such as books a plenty [so important] and mad cats [so necessary] and the prettiest of gardens without a manicured lawn in sight. We love it all and shall so look forward to many happy returns!

  7. Hello Jane,
    Thank you for introducing yourself on my blog!
    I love your way of gardening too...its letting nature do its thing, rather than you trying to make her do what she doesn't want to! Perfect!

    Enjoy your roses,
    Niki :)

  8. I'm meant to be filling forms for my daughter's grant application but had to say a quick 'hello and thank you' to Niki, Jane and Lance, how nice of you to drop by!

  9. Thank you for your blog visit, might see you at the next event in Frome! in the meantime, love your cottage garden..just the way an English garden should be! Lizzie

  10. What a delightful garden!

  11. Hi Jane, or whoever else might happen to read this. Not a comment, but a question: Can you see your followers' icons on your blog? I can see how many followers I have by viewing my dashboard and icons are included in comments, but that's all. Just curious!



  12. hi there, just came over to say thanks so much for leaving a comment and following my Fair blog Vintage at the Village Hall.
    Sorry in the delay getting back to you- I've had the current batch of blogger probs with comment sign-in/no link to followers which has now been resolved by downloading Firefox.

    Enough of all this techy stuff!

    What a lovely blog you have here; your garden is a delight although I'm sure you've had that compliment paid many times before.
    Hope you'll be able to come to the next Vintage Fair (when I get the date sorted) or else hope our paths cross here on our blogs

  13. Hi Jane, many thanks for visiting me and leaving kind comments. I am delighted to visit you and your delightful garden. I did laugh when I read about your hair in your profile. Mine is kind of similar. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, love Linda x

  14. This is such a good start to the day ! Cheerful comments from lovely people! Thank you all, Jane