Saturday, 21 May 2011

My First Artichoke

I feel such a pleb... I've just eaten my first artichoke ( the thistley kind). Hmmmm, maybe it's a bit like olives, it will grow on me, the boys were not that impressed either. The best bit was a dip I made using melted butter, mayonnaise and balsamic vinegar glaze, which at about 1 million calories a spoonful should be good...


  1. Jane,

    I really, really love artichokes, possibly more than any other vegetable in the world. I was brought up eating them. I do so many things with artichokes: have them with pasta, stuffed, sliced, cooked with garlic, olive oil, cheese and beaten egg, I have them preserved, sliced, dipped in batter and fried or with peas and lamb, at Easter. Today I made a batch of my pasta (the recipe I posted on my blog) using artichokes (in brine) and garlic as filling. Artichokes are also so beautiful to look at! The thing is: you have to know how to get rid of all the tough leaves, otherwise you are eating "cardboard." But, you know Jane? There's nothing wrong with disliking something and I'll let you into a secret: I have never eaten butter or any kind of "spread."
    I bet you were not expecting a lecture on the virtues of the artichoke! Sorry!

  2. Anna, You have made me think again! I like your passionate defense of the artichoke! I have actually saved the inner heart and I think I will try to puree it and make a sauce or dip. I have eaten and enjoyed tinned artichoke hearts before but the fresh ones are so different. I'll let you know my results....and you are right, they are so pretty to look at...

  3. !!! Never eaten butter, Anna?! Oh my goodness... Artichokes and butter go together like life and air... The leaves are fun, but the best part of an artichoke is the heart - with Butter! :)

  4. OOOOh I so love butter! O.K any ideas for the best recipe for my artichoke heart?

  5. From D.G Rossetti to artichokes! Yes, they are so beautiful, D.G. Roooseeti should have painted his sister holding an artichoke, rather than a lily!

    Jane, I love artichokes cooked in any way, but... here's an easy one!

    Put some polive oil in a pan and heat. Add some chopped garlic, two or three tomatoes (can be tinned) and stir. Cook for 3-4 or even 6 minutes, then add some sliced artichoke hearts, again mix, stir, then add half a cup of water and a stock cube (optional!) Cook until the artichokes are tender and add one to two cups of water to make a light sauce. Don't make it too watery, though! Add salt at the end and taste.

    In a pan of boiling water cook some short pasta (shells or quills) drain, add to the artichokes and serve drenched in Parmesan, black pepper and some chopped parsley.

    It's really buonissimo!

  6. Thank you Anna, I must try that recipe. I actually ate my artichoke heart today as a light supper. I chopped it up and fried it with garlic and then whizzed it with a little cream cheese and lemon juice and had it spread on crackers. It was wonderful and I think I may be converted!

  7. Message to Goose Vintage. I really don't like butter. To me, eating artichokes dipped in butter, one leaf at the time, is the equivalent of watching paint dry, and... such a waste of good food. The Frenche make good perfume which I wear and good Moet& Chandon, which I love, though Prosecco isn't bad either. But... leave the artichokes to the Italians!We ARE more creative in many ways!
    But, you know... it's really a matter of taste. If you like butter, it's ok. You probably would think I was mad if I told you I eat raw octopus, cuttlefish and sea urchins. But I do! And love it all! Healthier than butter, though, don't you think?

  8. "FRENCHE"... why not! Why don't we call them Frenche from now on! Sounds kind of "affectionate" Funny... Jane will love my mistake!

  9. I like "Frenche", Anna, it sort of sounds like an English person trying for a sexy French accent!!!
    ps. always wanted to try sea urchins...