Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Elderflower Cordial

On my way home from getting some prints framed for the book fair I was tempted by all the elderflowers in the hedgerows. I now have enough for my second batch of Elderflower Cordial.
p.s. Can anybody tell me how to turn this photograph around?


  1. Hi Jane!

    The way you turn the photograph around is: you go back to the place where the original photo is saved and turn it the right way round. Then... you sign in to your blog, edit the upside down pic out and replace it with the new one. That's what I would do, anyway...

    I like your photos (I take photos of flowers, too and I LOVE roses!) As you can see, I'll be following your blog, as I think it's going to be interesting. Maybe you could become one of my followers, too? I'd like that!

    Ciao ciao...


  2. Hi Anna,
    It's serendipity! I've just posted and started to follow you too! I'll have a go with the photo but it seemed to be the right way up on my computer...
    fingers crossed

  3. Jane,

    I can see it worked. The photo is so sweet now you can see it the right way up. How do you manage to post comments on my blog? I don't see you amongst my followers... am I right? Did you click on Follow? It would be fun to see your picture there, amongs my 11 followers (Rome wasn't built in one day!)because you look a bit like me!

  4. We love a good eccentric - hens & flowers & cordials are right up our alley! Will be Following you - and you're right (from earlier post) blogging is a lot harder than we first imagined... :)

  5. Hello again Anna and Goose Vintage, I think I have got myself sorted and am following you both now! Such a lot of excitement for one day...

  6. Yes, dear Jane... I love this blog "thing" it's SO MUCH FUN!

    Got any old editions of the Narnia books?

  7. It's brilliant isn't it? My daughter has been teasing me all day! I've got four of the Narnia books in my own collection, not firsts but nice early editions. The only problem is they have stuck down coverings over their d.js. I meant to sell them but just couldn't. Now to find the rest! How good to find another Narnia fan.