Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Greensleeves or- ringlets, petticoats and roses

Pleased be impressed by my ringlets!
You will be relieved, seeing that I have illustrated today's piece, that I was Costume Modelling, not Life Modelling.
The dress is long and sort of 18th century-ish and rustles beautifully due to my wedding petticoat. I wore a wreath of ivy and roses on my head and carried a basket full of rather hastily picked flowers ( the elderflowers were a mistake, scent wise...). I described myself as 'an old fashioned flower seller' . The class was delayed as all the curtains had to be closed  and the door left open in the village hall, so a panicking swallow could escape but once he had swooped out we quickly settled down to the slightly bizarre routines of an art class. I courageously faced the distractions of incredibly tickly green fly and a speedily wilting posie and everybody was enthusiastic and ultimately content. It's an unusual way to earn one's living but such good fun dressing up. I now want to find a good curly white powdered wig...


  1. Very impressed with the ringlets! Wouldn't it be lovely if one of the artists allowed you to post a picture that you modeled for? We'd love to see!

  2. Jane, I find what you do really interesting. I have a kind of connection with the past and can "sense" things. Old costumes, hats and shoes really fascinate me as they tell me stories.

    If I had to pose as anyone, I would like to be one of D.G. Rossetti's women. Really beautiful and sensual. And the members of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood operated in Victorian England! Fantastic!

    I actually met a descendent of D.G And Christina Rossetti. I went to his house and it was SOOO intersting!

    Nice ringlets! Are they yours?


  3. Thank you all for the praise of my ringlets!
    I have a great love for the P.R.B and was so pleased today when one of the artists said I looked very Pre-Raphaelite! My only connection is a rather scruffy(but much loved) pencil drawing I bought from a London saleroom which MIGHT be by Burne Jones. I've never had it researched because I'd rather hold onto the hope that it is....
    As to the paintings, I will ask the artists who I know as friends and see if I can post a painting of me in costume. Last time I was ' a down-at-heel Victorian Lady-of-the-night'!
    I like you saying that you get a sense from things Anna. I think I know what you mean. Perhaps one day we can have a proper long discussion? It would be so interesting.

  4. BTW... Jane, why isn't your lovely picture (with books) on my blog anymore? Instead of a pretty woman there's a gray "head" now! What have you done? You and I could rule the world, Jane! (NOT!)

  5. Jane, I am very good at long discussions... in more than one language!


  6. Bothersome machine! I wonder how that's happened, I noticed it on 'Goose Vintage' and I THINK I've changed it back, so I'll have a go with you. It's nicer with photos.
    ps. I can 'get by' in French but my Italian is limited to a small collection of phrases- " That meal was delicious" " Thank you so much for helping me" " What a wonderful view/garden/meal/painting", so at least I can be polite! I try to practice evry time I visit but it's slow business.