Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Arts and Tarts...

Salisbury Arts Trail has come to an end and I feel a little sad. It was hard work but such good fun! I loved having so many visitors in my house and talking to so many interesting people.
It was good too, to be surrounded by beautiful things and to have our lovely city humming with the excitment of art and artists every day.

I've shown some photographs of my things, in a previous post, so here are a few pictures from our friends and fellow artists across the road

Bluetit by Lindsay Keir

Corner of Lindsay's studio all set up for the Arts Trail

Necklace by Pepe Argo

Linocut by Pippa Unwin

Even the window sill was beautiful!

Here are two of my favourite pieces from my artists:  John Gustard, painter and Laura Smith, photographer



At our house we decided that Arts week was a good excuse for having not one but two parties!
 A private view at the beginning and a Sunday afternoon tea party to end the event.
The first was considered a great success as we heard a guest say on leaving that it was 'such a crush'.

The tea party had a selection of delicious little cakes- we did have some tarts as well!

I had a wonderful time and most importantly, so did the artists

John and his wife Ann Marie

Laura with vital supplies of wine at the Private View!

 It's such a shame it doesn't happen every year...


  1. How beautiful Jane and I love that you had two parties. The art is beautiful also that necklace is stunning.

    Helen xx

  2. It all looks wonderful, love the little cat lino print. 2 parties too, lucky you :-) xx

  3. Sounds like two very lovely parties surrounded by beautiful things.

  4. That sounds like a wonderful week. You have a lovely and interesting life I think. Beautiful art, I especially like the bird. Blessings, Diane

  5. Hello Helen,
    I love that necklace too, the stones are so unusual and beautifully smooth. Jane x

  6. Hi Sophie, I love Pippa's work, she's a sculptor too and always manages to capture the true feel of the animals she portays. Jane x

  7. Hello Bonnie,
    I can never resist the chance for a party, they were very happy times! Jane x

  8. Hello Diane,
    There was a hum of creativity all around Salisbury during Arts week. It was very inspiring. I have one of Lindsay's birds, a dove and it's so beautiful. Jane x

  9. Looks like a great week! How fun :) XoL

  10. How great is that! You must have had a wonderful time, and the artists too...love the cat.