Monday, 3 October 2011

Salisbury Art Trail.... Preparing madly!

Salisbury Arts Trail has come around again and this year I'm playing host to a local artist (who I model for) and a new young photographer. I shall have more to 'show and tell' about them and their work once the week has started.
I have always wanted to run my own Gallery and until the money comes in, this is my only chance!
I love the energy and excitement of hanging pictures for an exhibition and testing my skills by giving a really good Private View party. Having my house open to the public for 10 days is challenging and oh boy does it make me do some housework!
I spent last weekend getting the outhouse ready, so all my books and things are looking their best - that is, boxes have been emptied and everything somehow crammed onto the shelves and into every other available space. I hadn't realised how many things I have collected, as they are often left boxed up from one fair to the next and my books have not be re-shelved since I had a huge cull last year. Although it was hard work, I really enjoyed it and now keep sneaking out to have another look at the results. One of my neighbours caught me standing on the threshold and smiling beatifically at everything and has since teased me un-mercifully...
It's rather a small space for taking photographs but these should give an idea, even if they are not as artistic as I could wish!

The Books

The Bits and Pieces
Looking through my photographs I realise just how lucky I am to be able to spend my days working with things I love.
These old eiderdowns are my special passion at the moment...

There is something about the covers of old sheet music that appeals to me. I can imagine a young lady's delight at being bought a fashionable song by her devoted swain...

My lovely man collects maps, so he always gets first choice!

Then there are the oddments that don't fit into any catagory but I just couldn't resist buying them...

Old bell, books and flour sifter
Just right for Tea for Two

cornucopia, pastry cutter, pearls and sugar thermometer

The blanket was knitted by a friend of mine

Emily coverts this bag!

Copper shelves, washing dolly and biscuit tin

And there are always some buttons and lace...

I enjoyed sorting things according to colour, it does help bring some order to chaos!

In the end, tho' I'll always be a Booklady at heart and my books give me constant joy.
I love to read them, look at them and sell them to people who share my passion-

No wonder my business is called 'Kiss the Book'!

The Private View is on this Saturday evening, it would be brilliant if any of you were near Salisbury and wanted to drop by...

ps. I've even beautified the loo


  1. Ooh! Sounds SO exciting!

    I would come by but as much as I love misty Wiltshire (lived there for 13 years), it's a bit of a step from here!

    Very good luck - and, what a great idea to colour-sort the bits and bobs, might nick your idea for my shelves too.

    Carol x

  2. Hello Jane

    What organization, everything is ship shape. I wish I was nearer and I would definitely stop in.
    Wishing you much success

    Thank you for mentioning Kathleen Raine, I picked up "The Lion's Mouth" at the library and it is beautifully written. I will definitely read more of her work.


  3. I won't be able to make it but I enjoyed looking at all of your beautiful and interesting things AND your books. It's just lovely that you can live your life doing what you love. Thanks for sharing. Diane

  4. Hi Carol, What a coincidence that you lived in and loved Wiltshire. It is a beautiful county. I do find 'colour coding' helpful, specially when trying to choose what to take to fairs. one Easter I filled a stall with only green and yellow things, it looked really spring-like! Jane x

  5. Hello Helen, Thank you for your appreciation of my grand attempt at organisation! At least it's now all sorted and I can turn my mind to the other things I need to do! I'm glad you like Kathleen Raine, such an intelligent, unique writer.Jane x

  6. Hello Diane, Thank you for calling by. It is fun showing my lovely things to such an appreciative audience!
    I do wish you all lived just a little bit closer to Salisbury..... Jane x

  7. Hello Jane:
    Gosh, everything in its place and a place for everything, no wonder that you are pleased with the results of your labours. It all looks most intriguing and we do hope that your openings will be successful. In these financially stringent times it can be very difficult to get people to part with their money but the Arts Trail sounds a wonderful idea and you certainly have done your best to attract the buyers. Good luck!!

  8. Hello Jane and Lance,
    Thanks for your appreciative support! I do so hope all goes well for the artists and me. Times are hard but at the very least we should meet some interesting people and have had a great party! Jane x

  9. Your photos are really charming, Jane! How lovely!

    We have an arts trail round here, too, and it's really interesting, as it gives artists (so many artists live in the part of England which inspired Constable. We have beautiful countryside, incredible beaches, the Norfolk Broads... it's beautiful!)a chance to show their lovely work, and people a chance to see and purchase beautiful stuff.

    Well... have fun and report back with a "Show and Tell" at circle time!



  10. Hello Anna,
    How nice to hear from you. I have always wanted to explore the Norfolk broads and experience the beautiful open skie-scapes there. I'm glad you caught my litle joke about 'show and tell' I always remember it from the children's primary school days! Jane x

  11. My goodness Jane, this looks to be lots of hard work, but very rewarding too! I wish you, the artist, and photographer every success...... such a shame I live so far from you.
    Love the name of your business :)
    Abby xx

  12. Thank you Abby, it's all quite exciting. I'm glad you like my business name. It came about because I always kiss a special find! Jane x

  13. It all looks just so. I'm sure all your hard work will feel worthwhile when you and the artists break-out the white wine and the public arrive.
    Good luck


  14. Hi Jane, it all sounds very exciting. I'd like to have a little rummage in your bookroom. It must be a little daunting opening your doors, but quite rewarding I should think. Good luck with it all.
    Many thanks for your visit, I'm glad I inspired you, it is all too easy to get everything from the supermarket. Love Linda x

  15. It looks lovely, and those Eidy's are just gorgeous, always have a weakness for an old Eiderdown. All good luck and hope you have a lovely week,thanks for your lovely comment, the girls own annuals are amazing aren't they xx

  16. Hello Anna, I have to admit I have a bottle of bubbly put by for all of us to celebrate when it's all hung and ready! Jane x

  17. Hi Linda,
    I'm going to a local produce market to get some treats for our Private View... Jane x

  18. Hello Sophie,
    Thanks for the good wishes. I have to admit, I am tempted to keep at least a couple of my beloved eiderdowns...Jane x

  19. Sounds like a wonderful event! I am a first time reader of your blog and I share your passion for beautiful old books. I have been collecting them for years. We just returned from London and I had such a good time walking into old and newer bookstores, an activity of which I never tire. Of course we have nothing like Hatchards in the U.S. And sadly the rare bookstore business seems to be disappearing in Los Angeles. But I always enjoy visiting these stores when we travel! Great blog!

  20. Hello 'Sunday Taylor' How nice to hear from a new reader and especially good to connect to a bibliophile! I do hope you will visit again. Jane x

  21. Hi Jane,
    Definitely beautiful! Well done! You have some wonderful collections - I particularly liked your colour-coordinated bits on the pine shelves...I wouldn't tease you when offering them admiring glances...I'd be doing the same thing!
    I've always wanted one of those silver tea strainers...Its on my search an avid tea drinker, it would be put to very good use

    Good luck with the exhibition - I hope you have lots of visitors and hope some will buy a painting of you to hang at their home!
    Have a lovely weekend,

  22. Hello Niki, Thank you so much for your appreciative comments. It is such fun getting everything 'just so' isn't it? I hope you have a happy and successful weekend too.Jane x