Thursday, 20 October 2011

Beautiful Dawn

I couldn't resist sharing these pictures.
I awoke early and decided to do some research at the computer. I hadn't even looked outside at the day or the weather but my tiny book room was lit up with a beautiful pink light. Grabbing my camera, I  dashed upstairs to Sam's top floor bedroom, which looks towards the sunrise and the Cathedral.
Luckily for his sanity (you should never wake a teenage boy too quickly, it's very damaging...) he was away at his Father's, so the coast was clear and I could wrench open our creaky sash windows, climb precariously onto a chair and several books, lean out of the window... and capture these few glorious moments-

and five minutes later-

The colour and light change so quickly, I'm glad I was awake to witness this beautiful start to the day.

ps. I haven't altered or enhanced these pictures in any way!


  1. Hello Jane:
    Indeed, these images really have lit up our day too! What a myriad of colours and, as you say, so ephemeral that one has to move with lightning speed to capture them. Absolutely wonderful!

  2. Good Morning Jane

    What a breathtaking morning! I love sunrises and it is worth being up early to witness the new day. So glad you captured your view for us. You live in a beautiful place
    Helen xx

  3. Gorgeous pictures. The light has been amazing at times over this past week and yesterday I witnessed no less than 6 rainbows at differing times during the day. M x

  4. "Morning has broken, like the first morning..." I'm singing, Jane!

    Hello Jane! Yes, it's a lovely morning full of joy and sun! Beautiful dawn, wonderful start to your day! Thank you for the lovely photos. I love looking at the sky. My grandmother taught me how to "read" clouds and I was fortunate enough to marry a man who, like me (he's an artist and a philosopher, so he understands and shares my eccentricities!) can very easily get "lost" inside a cloud. Last Summer I took so many photos of just one sunset, in Italy. It was wonderful. I'll have to post them to show you!

    Thank you for sharing your "moment" BEAUTIFUL!



  5. Hello Jane and Lance, I'm so glad I had my camera to hand and took the photographs. I couldn't believe how quickly it all changed. Jane x

  6. Hello Helen, I'm so lucky to have a view of the Cathedral spire. It used to be blocked by a tree and I was never so happy to see a huge old conifer taken down! Jane x

  7. Hello Marina,
    The light has been amazing hasn't it? It has been so clear and pure after the rain showers but I've not seen any rainbows yet, lucky you! Jane x

  8. Hello Anna, I'm joining in the hymn! I took dozens of photos this morning, each a little different from the last. I love the sky too and also love the painter Constable's sky sketches, have you ever seen them? So beautiful. Hope you (and everybody) had a happy day. Jane x

  9. All that wonderful sky AND the cathedral too! Lovely!

  10. All those contortions were worth it - those are gorgeous pictures. You're right, the light does change so fast. I'm glad you got to see it. Blessings, Diane

  11. We've had a few beautiful sunrises and sunsets lately but, as you say, they fade all too fast. Glad you caught it; if you can run upstairs at that time of day you deserve it!

  12. What glorious images of the break of dawn and what a good testimony to the virtue of rising early.


  13. Beautiful, Jane. And I suppose you had rain later in the day? Jim

  14. Just lovely and what a great way to start the day!

  15. These are stunning pictures Jane. The light really does change fast... you did so well to capture these shots.
    I did laugh at your comment about waking up a teenage boy... NOT recommended in my experience!
    Thanks so much for your comment on my post.
    Abby xx

  16. Hello all! I'm sorry to lump you together in my reply today but I have to sort, pack and load the car for a book fair in Winchester tomorrow and I really must get to work...
    I'm so happy everybody liked my pictures, it really was worth the climb and contortions and yes, Jim, the shepherds were right, we did have rain later...
    Thank you for all your cheering comments, they really made my day. Jane x